MOT Testing 97 – May 2018

MOT Testing 97 May 2018

Sample Issue

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In the May 2018 issue

MOT’s biggest shake-up in decades – A new Tester’s Manual, new Test classes, new diesel testing limits –  it’s going to be a confusing time for AEs, Testers, VEs and motorists alike. Jim Punter provides an overview of the changes…

4. Testing Times – News and updates from the MOT industry: In this issue Testing Times covers the definite benefits to road safety of some of the coming changes to the MOT, as well as some guidance on the new personal data rules, kit-car emissions changes and the new diesel emissions – how to tell if your kit needs an update.

8. Topical Tips – MOT Club’s John Ashton clears up a few misconceptions about the ‘dangerous to drive’ advisory and points out an alarming backlog of VT8 Observed Tests, and its possible consequences.

10. Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – Letters from our readers ask “Why must I replace a smoke tester which is already capable of testing to the new limit”? And “Why did a VE insist that I replace a perfectly good beam setter”?

Forum Fragments – Replacing electric power steering with hydraulic; brake imbalance confusion and a customer who was charged for virtually the same items on two consecutive MOTs.

18. Spotlight On: – The new MOT Manual – again. Jim Punter has had an extensive look at the changes and points out the main changes, the new Testable items and some items removed.

20. DVSA and DfT News – Latest news from the DVSA – Looking at the DVSAs Matters of Testing Blog – Testers are taking the trouble to participate and contribute their views – is DVSA taking the trouble to listen?

From DfT: Is ‘tyre age’ likely to become an MOT defect? MOT fee review – no progress, just broken promises; but does the trade really want an increase?

22. Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from MOT Consultant Eamonn Loney – Eamonn informs us that there has been a ‘sharp increase’ in AEs and NTs banned from the MOT scheme. He also takes a look at some interesting aspects of the new MOT Guide.

24. Product Review: – MOT Scheme Training – With a projected shortage of MOT Testers, caused partly by the Observed Test backlog, courtesy of DVSA, MOT Training will be at the forefront of many an AE’s mind. So if training is on your mind, there’s no better place than right here to start, with a massive fifteen fully accredited companies to choose from.


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