MOT Testing Magazine Editor on BBC Radio 5

Editor Jim Puter on BBC Radio 5 Live

MOT Testing Magazine’s editor Jim Punter was interviewed this evening by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Guy Kilty, on the catastrophic failure of the new web-based MOT Testing computer.

It is thought that the failure occurred following a shut-down of the system for maintenance over the weekend. Owing to the large number of Testing Stations involved, the telephone helpline was also swamped, and Testing Station managers were only able to hear a message saying “Due to high call volume we can’t answer now, please try later”.

As a result, all of the MOT Testing Stations which have transferred to the new system found themselves unable to log in and carry out MOT Tests on the computer. A system called ‘Contingency’ Testing, which involves carrying out MOT Tests using printed forms is designed to cover this situation. Unfortunately, some garages were unable to print these forms off, as they are held on the MOT computer.

While the new system is designed to improve on the older system, which was based on a dial-up modem connecting to the main MOT computer, its functionality has been deliberately reduced to facilitate a speedy changeover – the old system will cease to function by the end of September 2015. However, some garages have been experiencing serious problems with the new web-based system, resulting in loss of business and severe personal stress to the business owners.

Clip of radio interview here:

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