MOT Testing & Workshop 103 – November 2019

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In the November 2019 issue

Cover Story: Three Million ‘Dangerous’ vehicles on roads
DVSA claim to be ‘Making Britain’s roads safe’ in their Annual Report – yet they transfer MOT money to other departments and leave the MOT underfunded…
4. Testing Times – Editor Jim Punter takes issue with the imbalance between DVSA and VTS responsibilities. He also looks at some serious safety issues arising from Testing electric vehicles, and some new rules regarding unspent criminal convictions.
8. Topical Tips – The MOT Club’s JOHN ASHTON reminds us that now that MOTs are recorded on a computer, strict procedures should be observed, or DVSA will be alerted and have cause to visit…
10. MOT Viewpoints – Collected MOT discussion and chat from around the web – no internet needed! Includes letters to the Editor.
14. Consultant’s Casebook – EAMONN LONEY’s casebook returns to the increasingly discovered
(now that it’s on computer) error of mis-typing vehicle reg no.s. Here Eamonn advises on the best way to proceed if this has happened…
16. Product Review – MOT Training and AEC – The new AE Consultant role, and MOT Training.
20. MOT News, Products and Services – A roundup of new products for the busy MOT workshop…
22. Trade Directory – The indispensable GEA approved list of suppliers to the MOT industry.

MOT Testing & Workshop Magazine 103 November 2019

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