Business finance explained by PMD

PMD Business Finance

PMD Business Finance is one of the UK’s leading providers of automotive equipment finance. The firm can finance any equipment in the sector, which is why it considers itself a ‘true finance partner’. Predominantly, PMD’s clients are small to medium-sized businesses and PMD specialises in building long-term relationships. PMD is lending in excess of £75M each year, and this level…

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MOT SHIELD – case histories

MOT Shield Case Histories

“Why should I worry about MOT Discipline?” you may ask. “I take good care of my business, I watch my NTs carefully, they are well-trained, I have a QC regime in place and I’ve never had a problem”. A good point. But consider the following cases, both of which involved Testing Stations which contacted us after they had received letters…

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Becoming an MOT Testing Station

Any person, company or partnership can become an Authorised Examiner provided they can show themselves to be a ‘legal entity’ to which DVSA can allocate the formal responsibility of being in charge. They must also show that they are of ‘good repute’ and ‘adequate financial standing’, and of course over the age of 18. Premises and Equipment To become an…

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MOT Tester Training

MOT Training

Becoming an MOT Tester This page replaces the section previously published on MOT Training. DVSA have radically changed MOT Training. Tester training will be carried out by private training organisations; technical colleges, private training companies or even training departments of large businesses. The same will apply to ‘MOT Manager’ courses. There is also a replacement for the old five-yearly one-day refresher…

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Join an MOT Trade Body


The National Tyre Distributors Association – NTDA With over 2,500 independent tyre centres and 300 leading companies in membership, the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) provides professional representation for the UK’s independent tyre distribution and fast fit specialists with nearly 1000 centres offering MOT service. Established since 1930 The NTDA was established in 1930, making it one of the automotive…

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MOT Tester’s Quiz

iStock 000007922446XSmall

Test your knowledge of the MOT Test. We’ve put together some fairly easy questions about the MOT – with a couple of tricky ones to make you think. Link to answers page is at the end. (Note: There are no prizes, and where answers are disputed the Editor assures us he is right). 1. Your bumper has been seriously damaged…

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MOT Tester’s Quiz Answers

1. Your bumper has been seriously damaged in an accident so you have taken it off and the bumper irons stick out dangerously. Would this cause an MOT failure? b) No, because a dangerous protrusion only results in a failure if it arises because the bodywork has either been damaged or is corroded. 2. Your battery is loose and a…

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MOT Trade Bodies

For most industries, the benefits to small companies joining a trade body may not provide compelling reasons for membership, but for MOT Testing Stations, there is a more compelling reason – VOSA! If you fall foul of a nit-picking Vehicle Examiner determined to take disciplinary action against you, then most organisations offering trade body membership will represent your case to…

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VOSA Effectiveness Report 2009-10


VOSA report that the economic climate has affected Testing volumes, with heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and public service vehicles (PSV) volumes down, while MOT Tests of light vehicles and vehicle identity checks (VIC) are up, VOSA speculating that this is a result of motorists hanging on to their vehicles for longer and repairing moderately damaged vehicles. MOT Testing Failure Rates…

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