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• 4-2-2 Decision delayed
• VOSA’s New ‘Traffic Light’ enforcement scheme

BMW Application Update
• “Brake Tester choice is crucial”
• ACDelco Gears Up For Growth
• Boston PD-301 Hydraulic Play Detector
• Jaguar diagnostics costing thousands

4-2-2 Decision delayed

For years the Government had little to do with the MOT – they left the civil servants at both the Department for Transport (DfT) in London, and at VOSA to get on with running the scheme.

Then suddenly last year with the Davidson report into deregulating legislation that exceeded EU minimum requirements, the MOT entered centre stage – the EU ‘MOT’ only requires the first after four years and then every other year, whereas ours is three years and then annually.

“Hey”, the political spin doctors thought, “here’s a route to popularity, let’s save motorists some money and get some votes…”. So at last year’s annual CBI dinner Gordon Brown announced a populist policy to cut red tape – starting with the MOT.
Suddenly Testing Stations’ survival and their staffs jobs were ‘on the chopping block’, awaiting execution.

There was to be a review arranged by the DfT for the spring. In the meantime Testing Stations were like turkeys waiting for Christmas. The spring came and went. A new date of mid-July came and went. Then it was to be the end of July, and then, suddenly the DfT announced that it wouldn’t be announced then, but something would be out in the Autumn, maybe September/October.

So what’s happened? Well, maybe the much vaunted review showed that with a less frequent MOT that people will die… not such a popular idea with motorists – is that why they’ve paused on the brink?

In MOT Testing magazine we’ve done some calculations and if they’re anything like the similar assessments the DfT must have made about the real value of the MOT in saving death and injury on the roads, then that could have made the new Minister think again.

But VTS operators should be under no illusions – not only would any decrease in the frequency of MOT Testing cause increased deaths and injuries on the roads, it would also be disastrous to the MOT industry – now is not the time to sit back and wait to see what happens – protests must be made in the strongest terms to the government through their Members of Parliament.

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VOSA’s New ‘Traffic Light’ enforcement scheme

In the last edition of MOT Testing we had a close look at VOSA’s plans for interviewing every VTS owner/manager, combining these results with information from the computer and historical disciplinary data, and then ‘scoring’ every Testing Station a risk score. Once every VTS had been done, then they would put everybody into either green, amber or red for low, medium or high risk of doing ‘dodgy’ MOTs. If you get into the red, they’d be on your back all the time.

MOT Testing Magazine editor, Jim Punter didn’t like it because the interview took into account a lot of non-MOT issues like the condition of the toilets, general tidiness, how far customers travel for an MOT (if they come from afar they assume it’s because you do ‘easy’ Tests!) and a host of other issues completely unrelated to the process of MOT Testing.

He roundly condemns VOSA for that, and for not fully consulting with the trade first, and picking owners and AEs up on issues not within the original conditions for becoming a Testing Station in the first place.

VOSA suggested he reserve judgement until he had observed an interview arranged at his own Testing Stations. This has now happened and been fully reported in the current edition of MOT Testing.

If you own a VTS, or are involved in any way in Testing, it makes essential reading and gives tips on how to ‘get into the green’.

Since then others in the trade representing the views of Testing Stations have also expressed their reservations to VOSA – who have (noted also in the latest edition of MOT Testing) relented to some extent and ‘softened’ their approach – but not enough for Jim Punter!

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BMW Application Update



Autodiagnos, one of the global market leaders in professional diagnostics, have recently extended their BMW coverage to their core diagnostic product the Multi-Tester Pro.

The Autodiagnos BMW application has received a massive update which includes:

• New ‘Short Test’ feature enabling faults to be read from all ECUs on the vehicle. • Conditional Based Service Reset for 1 series (E87), 3 series (E90), 5 series (E60), 6 series (E63) and 7 series (E65) models. New Activations and Adaptations, Coverage for new systems including:

• Lighting • Rain Sensing • CD and Video Modules • Gateway Modules, • Seat Modules • Anti-Theft Alarm Systems • Switch Centres • Car Access Systems • Instrument Clusters • And many more systems • Model Year Updates

If you would like to know more about Autodiagnos and the Multi-Tester Pro please contact the sales office on +44 (0) 161 209 4470 or go to

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“Brake Tester choice is crucial” Says Beissbarth UK’s managing director, Philip Hodges.

Major concerns for users when choosing a brake tester are service capability, 4×4 applications, flush fitting service and the big issue is a 24 hour service.

The right system will extend your choices, maximise your operational capacity and allow you to install the brake tester as an individual test rig with direct input, or installed in combination as a test line.

You need to be in a position where you can choose to expand the basic version step-by-step, with the addition of a toe-plate tester and/or suspension tester for cars and a steering play tester for trucks. Having the type of display that suits you best is vital – a measured value display, analogue or digital colour monitor, infra-red remote control. An A4 format printer allowing full and detailed print outs is essential. You should also be able to install as part of a network via AWN to existing systems.

There is no doubt that market trend is towards investing in a complete test line capability. Automatic Test Lines will become mandatory and only those garages who plan, build and invest in the future will survive.

More details about Beissbarth brake testers, test lines and the full range are available on the Freephone 0800 1694660 or fax 0115 981 8431 or

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ACDelco Gears Up For Growth In UK Aftermarket

“Geared for growth” – Lee Quinney.


One of the most widely recognised brands within the worldwide aftermarket – ACDelco – is gearing up to significantly expand its presence here in the UK. Not only has ACDelco moved its operation to a new head office and warehousing facility, it is in the process of establishing a new and experienced management team to implement its ambitious UK growth strategy.

Sales & Marketing Director Lee Quinney enthusiastically comments: “These are exciting times for ACDelco and everyone involved with the business. Today, ACDelco has the capability of offering some 70,000 quality parts across more than 30 product lines. This equates to us being able to cover around 85% of the light repair and maintenance automotive parts market.

“What’s more in a recent brand recognition survey conducted by What Car, ACDelco was placed fourth, commanding recall levels of some 66.2%. As you can probably understand, this is something we intend to capitalise on when rolling out our development programme here in the UK” .

Having recently switched its head office location from Newport Pagnell to Luton, ACDelco has now been able to consolidate its administration facility and parts warehouse onto the one site. Lee adds: “The move quite literally brings everything together. Not only do we have immediate access to 25,000 sq ft of warehousing space, we have the option to expand this inline with the growth that we confidently predict for both the short and long-term.”

Helping kick-start the UK aftermarket sales drive will be the launch of an extensive all-makes bulb range due to be launched almost immediately. At the same time, Lee and his team will concentrate on rolling out a number of range extensions that are planned across ACDelco’s other core product groups and which takes in batteries, lubricants, clutch, shock absorbers, filtration, braking, belts and wiper blades.

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Boston PD-301 Hydraulic Play Detector


Strong Demand For One-man Test

The new VOSA regulations, allowing MoT premises low-cost entry to one man testing has prompted a huge demand for Boston’s play-detectors and MoT lifts. Boston manufacturers both hydraulic and pneumatic play detectors in the UK; the only brand offering this choice. All Boston 4 post lifts come with blanked recesses as standard, for the simple installation of either type of play detector, which can also be retrofitted. With all these benefits Boston claim to lead the field in one-man MoT upgrades and new ATL installations.

Also in strong demand at Boston is their OPA100 computerised smokemeter, resulting from the fast approaching VOSA deadline for the new specification. The OPA100 is available stand-alone or as an emissions gas and smoke package. With 19” monitor as standard and numerous advanced features it is claimed to be the most popular UK smokemeter. Another reason for this could be the ability to also control Boston’s Braketesters, and the Bluetooth option to complete a comprehensive state-of-the-art testing bay designed for the future.

Further Details: 0800 085 0620

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Jaguar diagnostics costing thousands? Not any more.

Fault-finding on Jaguar cars has always been an expensive business – and not something that has been within reach of small workshops or mobile mechanics.

With their latest Jaguar-enhanced product, Gendan are hoping to change that.

The package offers full systems coverage on the 1998-on petrol cars from across the 4 model ranges – XJ, XK, S-Type and X-Type – including engine, transmission, ABS and airbags. Features include live sensor readings, bi-directional controls, system tests, and trouble code retrieval and clearing.

No longer are small workshops forced to pay dealer prices to diagnose faults on these cars. This work can now be completed in-house or out on the road.

The package runs on any normal PC or laptop in the workshop and is priced at just £290 (ex VAT).

More information can be found at
or from Gendan Limited on 08700 420928

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