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Actia, with 25 years experience, offer their MultiDiag Master for which they claim a wide range of model coverage, particularly strong in Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. The say their equipment has intuitive, easy to use graphical interfaces, is rugged and has a touch tablet PC and is light, and portable with a PC/laptop version of software available. It has a Universal Vehicle Communications Interface and cable set. A full helpline support service is available with upgrades by annual subscription.

Actia seek national and/or regional distributors.
Contact: Ken Evans
Tel: 01686 611150
Fax: 01686 621068

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Bosch offer their KTS range, the 520, 550 and 650, in addition to a range of emission analysers. The KTS range is supported by Bosch’s DVD-based software covering service, repair and diagnostic information, including wiring diagrams and cataloguing. In addition to training, Bosch provides a dedicated telephone hotline. The FSA range of engine motor testers features a PC system providing a diagnostic platform. The advanced FSA engine analyser provides a universal diagnostic system for troubleshooting and service requirements on all current models of vehicles.

Contact: Jo Hudson
Tel: 01895 838352
Fax: 01895 838 765

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Crypton are proud of their ‘Codes4000’ diagnostic tool available as a mobile diagnostic piece of equipment, or as an integrated workstation combined with the Crypton gas and smoke analyser – the EDP830. Crypton believe their CODES4000 takes the ‘fear factor’ out of diagnostics. Codes 4000 guides the user through the fault finding (and service re-set) activities and states how to use the various tools. Over the last 15 months engineers have added 305 new systems. Crypton also emphasise the “…unique flight recording capability” allowing intermittent faults to be detected.

Contact: Emma Cox
Tel: 01278 436275
Fax: 01278 450567

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Maverick Technology

Maverick Technology (UK) Ltd, offer their Superscan 2 which handles: ABS, climatronic control, airbags, immobilisers, central body control units, coding/reprogramming of keys and adaptations of ECUs, which they claim offers a depth of diagnostics to near OEM level. A further two new modules have recently been added to include Rover and Land Rover cars. The new modules make their show debut at ATS at the NEC in April. Superscan 2 is fully EOBD compliant and CAN capable and comes with a two channel scope.

Contact: Andrew Steer
Tel: 01280 816333
Fax: 01280 816111

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OmiScan is a straightforward diagnostic scan tool offering a range of diagnostic procedures for over 25 manufacturers. On many there is Engine, ABS, Airbag, Climate Control, transmission, body electrics and more…. OmiScan covers all generic EOBD including CAN. It has ‘read and clear’ faults, and performs manufacturers specific tests. It also has hi and low speed CAN based variable reset on VAG. It is connectable to a PC working interactively providing the technician not both with diagnostics and a test procedure and suggested course of action.

Contact: Steve Morton
Tel: 01380 732000
Fax: 01380 732001
Mobile: 07919 167970

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Snap-On Diagnostics have specifically developed a ‘family’ of hand held diagnostic tools to meet the varying needs of garages and workshops with different requirements throughout the market. They believe these tools support their claim to be the clear UK market leader in this field.

Their ‘family’ starts with the ‘Scanner’ aimed at smaller garages, then on to the recently introduced ‘SOLUS’. Finally, Snap-on are very proud of their top-of-the-range MODIS diagnostic tool. Regular software upgrades are available to users of all three products.

Contact: Terry Smith
Tel: 01553 692422
Fax: 01553 692943

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