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• Hofmann Unveils New Design For Wheel Aligners And Balancers
• Majorlift announces 5 year warranty extension
• Wheel washer swaps showroom for race circuit

Hofmann Unveils New Design For Wheel Aligners And Balancers

geoliner-670Hofmann, a brand within Snap-on Equipment, has unveiled stylish new cabinet designs for its industry-leading ranges of wheel aligners and balancers.

All Hofmann geoliner CCD and 3D wheel aligners now feature a new ergonomic cabinet design, The cabinets have been developed to meet the needs of professional workshops, along with strong visual appeal to emphasise the quality and reliability of the equipment.

The full range of Hofmann geodyna wheel balancers has also been refreshed with a new cabinet design intended to fit perfectly into a modern workshop environment. Each cabinet in the new Hofmann balancer range features a standardised monitor bracket, enabling a TFT monitor to be retrofitted at any time. All balancers in the range also have new model designations to reflect the latest designs.

Chris Behan, General Manager, Snap-on Equipment, comments: “By combining our advanced wheel alignment and balancing technology with stylish, technician-friendly cabinet designs, we aim to help workshops present themselves as professional and up-to-date operations. There’s no doubt that creating the right image has become an increasingly important factor when it comes to generating customer appeal.”

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Majorlift announces 5 year warranty extension

jackingbeamMajorlift announce that effective from 1st May 2008 they are extending their market leading 5-year warranty for sales within the UK and the Republic of Ireland of 2 and 2.8 tonne Scissor Lifts.

This follows the successful introduction of the 5 year warranty on Pit Jacks and launched from the 1st January 2007.

This extension of the warranty will give added comfort to all customers who will know that when purchasing from Majorlift they are supported by the Majorlift guarantee for a ‘remarkable’ five years. The guarantee is of course conditional on the Majorlift user guidelines being followed.

Managing Director Bob Sims said: “By using the highest quality materials and manufacturing 95% of our components in house we are able to exercise total quality control to satisfy our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

Given the extraordinarily low warranty claims history we are delighted for our customers to benefit from our high manufacturing and quality standards.

Users of Majorlift jacks are cost and safety conscious and their success depends significantly on the reliability of their jacking equipment. We believe that this extension of our 5 year warranty is an industry first and which to the best of our knowledge is the longest warranty offered by any jacking beam manufacturer”.

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Wheel washer swaps showroom for race circuit

W-550-with-wheelThe Drester Wheel Washer – distributed by leading automotive and service company Beissbarth UK – has always been a firm favourite with customers who want that show-room sparkle. But now the Drester is just as likely to be seen on the race circuit too.

It turns out that the Drester Wheel Washer is the preferred choice for the highly successful RML team, who are targeting more glory in 2008 as they aim to add to their tally of 15 titles over the last ten years. The team are gearing up for their challenge for WTCC glory following their best ever season last year. RML will also compete at Le Mans itself and in the Le Mans Series – the scene of their most recent success in 2007.

Mark Busfield, RML Chevrolet Project Manager, said: “We have used the Beissbarth Drester Wheel Washer extensively, and are absolutely delighted with its performance. It is a top piece of kit, which is used at the factory following every race and test session, saving us a huge amount of time, plus the added safety benefits.

“As a professional race team, it is vitally important that we always look our best – however brake dust can be very difficult to completely remove. The combination of beads and water in this system is a huge improvement over anything we have used in the past – it removes grime that has become embedded in the wheel, cleans and then actually polishes it for a great finish.

“From my point of view one of the biggest benefits is the fact that as it is self-contained, and it protects hands from possible carcinogens contained within brake dust. This aspect is extremely important, and combined with the range of other features, I’m sure will be a huge attraction to other teams around the world.”

The Drester Wheel Washer is also good news for the environment, as it uses a biodegradable detergent and all dirt residues are safely removed, providing safe handling for the operators and no negative impacts on the wheel or tyre.

Commenting on the Drester’s performance, Beissbarth UK managing director, Philip Hodges said: “Responsible businesses are opting for equipment that does not negatively impact on the environment. When you add to that benefits of safety, efficiency and economy you have a pretty powerful case for choosing the Drester.”

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