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• Diesel Emissions Deadline Approaches
• Banner UNI BULL celebrating 20 years
• New Lift From Maywood
• Online MOT Booking Goes From Strength To Strength
• ACDelco Brings On Braking
• Safe And Secure Lifting From Tecalemit’s New Hgv Pit Jacks

Diesel Emissions Testing: The deadline is approaching

bea850 coAre your customers aware that all diesel testing MOT stations must have the latest specification Diesel smoke meter by 1st January 2009?

All Bosch emissions analysers, from the processor based BEA 350, to the fully adaptable and upgradeable PC based BEA 850, are fully compliant for use in all MOT testing categories.

During the consultation phase in 2003, VOSA selected the Bosch RTM 430 diesel smoke meter as the reference smoke meter; the standard to which all smoke meters for use in MOT stations must now correlate.

Important changes to the specification are the inclusion of the FAS Pass Test, lower emission limits, and a swipe card ready connection.

FAS (Free Acceleration Smoke) measurement test

The Free Acceleration Smoke (FAS) test must: measure accurately the smoke output over the whole engine speed range, schedule a sequence of up to 6 accelerations; and automatically stop the test if the measured value of the first acceleration is less than the Fast Pass smoke limit with a pass result.

Engine temperature measurement

The engine temperature must reach a minimum of 60C for the program to proceed. If the operator chooses to by-pass engine temperature, the program will impose a 40 second time penalty (showing the operator a countdown) and a No engine temperature taken message will be displayed on the subsequent printout.

Test equipment interface (Swipe card)

Diesel Smoke Meters shall be able to communicate with the MOT Computerisation Technical Infrastructure. This means the emissions equipment must have a spare RS232 connector and custom firmware, ready to receive the interface device which is to be externally mounted, subject to VOSA roll out.

On Board Diagnostics

With the ever increasing importance of EOBD and its role in controlling vehicle emissions, its use within the MOT test is surely close at hand. With this in mind all Bosch equipment can be easily upgraded, at any time in the future, to receive information through the vehicles EOBD socket. Bosch claim that their emissions equipment will therefore be ready for any future MOT eventualities.

MOT Testing, Diesel Emissions Testing, MOT WorkshopFor more information on Bosch’s fully compliant range of Bosch emission testers, visit

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Banner UNI BULL celebrating 20 years

Universal appeal

unibull 50300 griff-offenIn 1988 Banner introduced their Uni Turbo range the worlds first battery offering four post versatility having two terminals on one side for standard fitting and sheared to facilitate bolt connections whilst the two terminals on the facing side have the reverse layout.

This meant that just one battery could now be used for cars with right+/ left- or left+/right- in addition to those with bolt fitting such as old Ford models.

In 1997 Uni Turbo, renamed Uni Bull, was relaunched incorporating the latest in expanded metal technology and new Gortex patented leak protection stoppers.

2002 brought another enormous advancement for Uni Bull with the introduction of the now widely acclaimed BannerAccusafe leak proof system and upgraded design. Now just five model types replaced over an incredible 900 DIN numbers and in its distinctive new colour they claim The Red One has captured top shelf placings as the worlds most versatile car battery.

Twenty years on, the Banner Uni Bull claim to lead the field. Delivering over 30% more power and four-post versatility, todays Uni Bull is completely maintenance-free and leak proof.

Continuous Banner research and technical innovation has ensured that Uni Bull is a perfect fit for over 900 models and the ideal universal choice from White Van Man to Rasta Blasta to Caterham Connoisser.

More details available from :
Banner batteries (GB) Ltd.,
Tel: 01889 571100.

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New Lift From Maywood

concord-lorryMaywood equipment group have added a new scissor lift to their range The Concord 40. This lift is 4 tonne capacity and is specifically for 4 x 4 and light trucks, although it is suitable for all vehicles up to 4 ton. It is available for both surface mounted or recessed.

MOT Testing, Maywood Lifts, MOT WorkshopIt has some excellent safety features which include safety locks that engage automatically during the lifts cycle with hydraulic locking valves, self lubricating bushings and pins throughout. The platforms are made of anti-skid diamond plate and the patented torsion bar guarantees prefect levelling of the platforms.

One of the main features in the flush surface version offers maximum utilisation of surface with no obstacles. There is also a compact waterproof control panel for use in any environment and a hand pump for descent in case of electrical power failure.

The Concord is manufactured by Omer, one of Europes top names in scissor lifting. Maywood are sole importers of Omer scissor lifts up to 5 tonnes.

Trevor Homewood, managing director, commented that the reliability of the Omer range is tremendous. We have been sole importers for over three years now and once installed we hardly ever hear from the customer again! The Concord fills the gap between the 3 tonne and 5 tonne range and will be popular for those garages or workshops including tyre bays and bodyshops, where just one lift is required and some light commercial vehicle work is undertaken.

Maywood has a web site at where the full range of lifts is detailed.

The concord 40 is suitable for all vehicles including 4 x 4s and light commercial.

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Online MOT Booking Goes From Strength To Strength

Motasoft’s Virtual MOT Manager (VMM), the market leading online MOT booking system, is now the cost effective choice of over 60 independently run MOT stations across the country. Combining simplicity with ease of use, VMM is proving popular with both independents and their customers and during the first half of 2008, stations using VMM recorded a total of 47,566 MOT bookings; 5,639 of which were made online through their own websites. Additionally, 14,785 automated SMS MOT reminders and confirmations were sent out as a key part of their customer service.

The multi-national car repair outlets are making widespread use of online booking systems and it is our on-going aim to give the same advantage to the independent garage sector at a modest cost says Motasofts managing director Alan Burgess.

VMM offers efficient day-to-day management of MOT testing lanes through the unique combination of the VMM MOT Diary Software and a customised multi-page VMM Website (it can also be added seamlessly to an existing website). Motasofts founder has had first-hand experience of owning and running a VTS so youll be dealing with a down-to-Earth company who can properly understand your needs.

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ACDelco Brings On Braking

acdpr05 08The latest product range from ACDelcos global aftermarket parts programme to be promoted here in the UK is braking. Representing another comprehensive product offering that takes in some 693 brake pad references and 584 for discs, the combined product range is compatible with the majority of todays popular vehicle applications.

Comments ACDelcos Sales & Marketing Director, Lee Quinney: Brake pads and discs is another hugely relevant product group as far as the UK aftermarket is concerned. We have access to what is a substantial product offering and one that we will be looking to build upon as the year progresses.

We know how receptive our customer base is to the braking range and we are therefore confident it will play a significant part in helping us further develop our UK aftermarket business, he added.

MOT Testing, AC Delco, MOT WorkshopDesigned to provide optimum performance and durability, all ACDelco brake pads and discs are manufactured to vehicle specific requirements to ensure safe and consistent stopping abilities.

ACDelco brake discs are manufactured in QS9000 facilities and come complete with a 20,000km/12 month warranty. Featuring industry leading metallurgy technology in the form of damped and enhanced iron, all discs now feature improved surface finishing specifications, are mill balanced and come in resealable graphic packaging. ACDelco brake pads on the other hand provide optimum noise suppression and performance using unique formulations and are combined with shims, slots and chamfers, where needed.

Using specially formulated compounds of Non Asbestos Organic (NAO) material, the pads provide stable friction levels across a broad range of operating temperatures, whilst creating low levels of dust. Whats more, each brake pad backing plate is protected by a premium powder coated finish for improved protection and appearance.

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Safe And Secure Lifting From Tecalemits New Hgv Pit Jacks

ss8708 pit jackTecalemit Garage Equipment Co Ltd, the UKs leader in MoT and vehicle servicing equipment is launching its new range of heavy duty Pit Jacks for the HGV market.

MOT Testing, Tecalemit, MOT WorkshopThe new SS 8708 Pit Jack is developed for use in the most demanding environments. The jack incorporates the highest quality materials and has been manufactured to industry leading standards.

Featuring a host of safety and operating features, the new model includes a revolutionary quick-stroke device which rapidly brings the lift pads up to the load point. It also benefits from a mechanical safety latching system and mechanically assisted descent. The 15,000 Kg Pit Jack has a compact design, and provides a superb lifting stroke of 310mm.

The new Pit Jack is compact and versatile, whist benefiting workshops through a whole host of safety features that provide peace of mind in demanding working environments, said Phil Cledwyn, Tecalemit Sales Director. It can be installed into an existing inspection pit or a new pre-fabricated pit; and the flexibility of the carriage means it can be adjusted from 9001,200mm in order to fit most pits.

The SS 8708 is suitable for use in commercial vehicle, bus and coach workshops, featuring a range of lifting adapters, extensions and plates to ensure safe and secure lifting.

Other key features include:
Operating pressure at 200 bar
Air supply at 10 bar
Weight of 195 Kg
Lifting capacity 15,000 Kg
Lifting stroke of 310mm
Carriage width 900-1,200mm

In addition, Tecalemit also offers the SS 8714 floor-mounted Pit Jack which provides total versatility without the restriction of mounting the jack on the pit wall. The floor-mounted jack provides a huge 1,200mm lifting stroke combined with a 15,000 Kg capacity.

Foot operated controls, with quick lift, quick return and optional accessories for removal of transmissions make the Floor-Mounted Pit Jack the first choice for servicing facilities where major overhauls and repairs are undertaken, explains Mr Cledwyn.

Tecalemit offers a complete range of workshop and MoT testing equipment, all with a 12 month warranty and full service back-up from its team of in-house, factory-trained service engineers, located throughout the UK. On-site maintenance, testing, re-calibration and troubleshooting can all be carried out on site, minimising any downtime for customers.

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