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ATL Review

We asked the main suppliers of Automatic Test Lanes (ATLs) to supply information for this edition’s product review – which follows. Although VOSA are looking into changing the requirements for both ATLs and One Person Testing (OPTs), it is most likely that it will only affect the minimum distances between pieces of equipment and perhaps the building in which the equipment is ‘housed’ – so the information included here will still apply with respect to the equipment itself, the cost of the equipment and the services provided. (This review first appeared in MOT Testing Magazine)

Different types of equipment

It is worth noting that not all ATLs will be the same – for example, some will have electrically operated shaker plates, and others will be hydraulic. So it will be necessary to decide which of these is most likely to best suit your requirements.

Most suppliers will have one of their ATLs available for you to go and try – even if they ask an existing customer to allow you to ‘have a go’ on a working system in an MOT workshop.

The vehicle lifts will also vary from make to make – in fact it is quite likely that a single supplier will be able to offer alternatives for an ATL or One person Test lane they supply – and don’t forget, the prices will differ too.

Comprehensive service

Most suppliers will offer you a comprehensive service including drawings for groundwork, as well as assisting you with the paperwork to ensure that the equipment and the installation conform to VOSA’s requirements. They will also assist you when dealing with the local area to gain formal acceptance of the facility. But as you would expect, service can vary from one supplier to the other, so when you are enquiring about purchasing an ATL or OPT facility, make sure you know precisely what is being offered within the price.

Finally, you may even need to extend your building and obtain planning permission – and that must be factored into your budget.


BeissbarthatlBeissbarth offer installation of the ATL test lane which comprises a brake tester from our 600 series range, 4 post or scissor lift, headlight tester, play detectors and jacking beam to meet the current legislation. Full training is included on the use of the brake tester and headlight tester.

Product price: POA

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Accessories are available which may be required. POA. 4 wheel drive testing facility for vehicles with the Haldex Clutch POA.

Emission testers – POA
Contact: Enquiries
Tel: 01159-815151
Fax: 01159818431
E-mail: enquiries@
Distribution: direct to end user

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bostonatlBoston claim to lead the field in competitively priced Automated Test Lanes, and to be the only supplier offering both hydraulic and pneumatic play-detectors, which are manufactured by Boston in UK. The ‘self-centring’ facility, avoids excess travel and impact forces, protecting the play-detector, the vehicle or the lift! They claim their ATL brake tester to be the simplest, quickest and most comprehensive available, with live data for servicing and fault finding.

The emissions computer controls the brake tester autoprompts, and Bluetooth enables wide scope for ATL bay layouts. Vehicle lifts exceed VOSA capacity and dimensions, allowing extra margins of safety, track width and wheelbase.

Product price: Upgrade From: £7,100 New Bay From: £26,830 (Includes emissions and all ancillaries)

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Price includes absolutely everything needed, right down to the tyre tread depth gauge, tool board, signage etc and all installation and training.

Contact: John Powell or Ross Tabor
Tel: 01708 525585
Fax: 01708 525408
Distribution: Nationwide dealer network. S.E. England direct from head office.

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cryptonatlCrypton claim they take a slightly different approach to Automatic Test Lanes than other manufacturers. First, they say, they took a hard long look at the lifting side and decided that the enhanced features of a platform scissor lift outweigh the cost savings of a four post lift option – borne out by the increased rigidity when utilising the fully integrated hydraulic play detectors. The full Crypton Test Lane also includes the renowned PC based emission analyser c/w brake tester all displayed on a 21″ VDU. Crypton are pleased to offer drawings, planning and full training within their very competitive prices.

Product price: Individual ATL Components priced separately or complete packages available

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Full site drawings & assistance with planning applications, plus full on-site training once ATL has been installed.

Contact: Emma Cox
Tel: 01278 436226
Fax: 01278 450567
Distribution: By regional and national authorised sales outlets

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gemcoatlSTENHOJ MAJOR 426BL Class 4, 4 Tonne ATL Lift. STENHOJ Play Detector (pneumatically operated) STENHOJ Jacking Beams, Headlight Tester, BM4010 Class 4 ATL Brake Tester with single bed (including Pedal Depressor & PDA) Quality equipment to last. Comprehensive Packages available.

Product price: POA

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Call for a site survey and we will produce detailed layout plans for submission to VOSA for your MOT approval.

Contact: Mr Nigel Munsey – Sales Manager
Tel: 01604 828600
Fax: 01604 633159

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JHM Butt

jhmbuttatlButts are an importer, supplier & installer of Ravaglioli workshop equipment including ATL products. ATL products include both 4 post lift & scissor lifts with play detectors, MOT4 & MOT7 Roller Brake Testers, Head Lamp Beam Testers & Emission Analysers. Butts are also able to offer a full service including the provision of CAD drawings, building works & electrical works in addition to the supply & installation of suitable European manufactured VOSA approved equipment.

Product price: from £17,995 + VAT for a VOSA compliant 4 post lift with play detectors

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Prices include for delivery & installation onto a customer prepared site. CAD drawings are available & building & electrical works can be undertaken at an extra charge.

Contact: Lewis Sprowell
Tel: 01302 718220
Fax: 01302 719481
Distribution: Direct to end user

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mahaatlAs a manufacturer installer and repairer, designing the most efficient bay layout of your ATL bay is, we believe, all in a days work. MAHA arrange site visits and propose layouts, conscious of VOSA requirements and Budgets. MAHA can supply Four post, Scissor or in-ground lifts each designed to withstand continual testing, along with different versions of roller brake testing equipment, all to VOSA specification. “Each proposed layout is important to both us and our customer so getting the layout correct is a necessity to ensure smooth running of the bay when complete” Says Neil Ebbs Project Manager for MAHA UK.

Product price: POA

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Design, Finance and Lease options, installation, and on site training.

Tel: 01945 4076663 Fax: 01945 476664
Distribution: Direct and through distributors

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maywoodatlMaywood are leading suppliers of lifting products in The UK and sole importers of The Hofmann brand. Within the range of over 50 lifts are both 4 post and scissor lifts approved for MOT and one man testing (ATL). Maywood offer a nationwide service with factory trained engineers and work closely with Snap on Equipment on ATL test lanes through equipment distributors such as Unipart Automotive.

Product price: POA

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Price includes Play detectors & Radius plates

Contact: Gavin Masterton

Tel: 01622 718044
Fax: 01622 718045
Distribution: UK Garage Equipment Distributors

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tecalemitatlTecalemit offers a comprehensive range of ATL solutions. Underbody inspection is via scissor or conventional 4 post lifts, both fitted with flush fitting play detectors and radius plates, floor mounted play detectors for inspection pits can be supplied. Brake testers include integral weighing and a large LED display either pedestal or wall mounted, a separate PC work station is provided for storage of test results. Other items of equipment include headlamp beamtester and hydraulic jacking beam. Emission Testers and a complete range of optional accessories are also available. Tecalemit equipment is supported throughout the UK by its own service engineers.

Product price: POA

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Tecalemit offers a complete design and layout service, free of charge and included in the cost of the ATL equipment is on-site consultation and preparation of equipment layout drawings for submission to VOSA. ATL packages are delivered and installed by the company’s own factory-trained, fully accredited, service engineers and fully supported with a range of after-sales service and calibration contracts.

Contact: Ian Blackett

Tel: 01752 219 111
Fax: 01752 219 128
Distribution: Network of UK distributors.

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Trade Group

tradegroupatlThe Trade Group are extremely experienced and are specialists in MOT and ATL packages, offering what is arguably the most comprehensive choice of ATL equipment available, including free local consultation, planning, installation, training and technical service. The Trademaster range is designed to provide a flexible, well specified but cost effective alternative for those with a smaller budget, whilst at the top end offering the MAHA designed product range, which represents the cutting edge of ATL technology, from a manufacturer widely regarded as an international leader in the field. Phone 0845 644 4054 now for a free Trade Group Buyer’s Guide.

Product price: Free quotation, consultation and planning

Additional Services/products included in ATL product price: Complete project support service, including free local expert consultation and advice, planning including CAD drawings, equipment installation, training, technical support and service.

Tel: 0845 644 4054
Distribution: UK coverage through nine strategically located Distributors

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