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Kwik-Fit “The Uk’s Largest ATL Operator”
• Clean wheels score on safety and environment
• Portatyre – tyre inflation wherever it’s needed
• Snap-on expands workshop equipment offering

Kwik-Fit “The UK’s Largest ATL Operator”

2008 GemcoLatest VOSA approved equipment used includes Stenhoj lift with play detectors, Gemco RBT with PDA and Omitec combined emission centre.

During the later part of 2007 Kwik-Fit committed to a major investment into installing a large quantity of MOT lanes into its existing sites, they took the commitment one stage further by specifying that all the lanes would be ATL (Automated Test Lanes), using the most up to date equipment on the VOSA approved list; ie Stenhoj play detector lift fitted with air operated jacking beam, Gemco BM4010ATL roller brake tester with PDA operation and shared PC with Omitec combined emission centre.

Where there were restrictions on headroom at sites and lifts could not be fitted, Kwik-Fit took the initiative to use pre-fabricated steel inspection pits.

Gemco Equipment Ltd of Northampton was appointed sole equipment supplier and installer for the mammoth project.

Work started in January 2008 with the objective to install in excess of 212 lanes by the end of November 2008.

Kwik-Fit’s own property and equipment departments worked flat out during the 11 months to ensure that all resources necessary were available including builders, electricians and fully utilising Gemco’s Projects Division to the maximum, including administration and logistics, CAD, Project Managers and in-house Project Engineers to ensure the project was kept to the programme.

The majority of new lanes were fitted into existing sites, which meant a phased programme, starting with removal of existing equipment before allowing building works to begin, then returning at a later date to carry out the install of the new ATL equipment.

In addition to new sites, there was the upgrade of existing MOT bays at some sites to full ATL.

The remainder of the 212 sites were made up of ATL Lanes fitted into brand new Kwik-Fit centres. Full specification lanes were also fitted at the Kwik-Fit training academies to ensure continuity of testers throughout the UK to assist Kwik-Fit’s commitment to provide a quality service.

MOT Workshop News Kwik FitAlongside the Kwik-Fit programme Gemco continued to supply ATLs to other customers under the Bradbury and Dunlop brands making Gemco Equipment Ltd the largest provider of ATLs in the UK.

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Clean wheels score on safety and environment

Drester-W-750Beissbarth UK are introducing a new easy use Drester W-750 fully automatic wheel washer to their range which cleans in approximately 30 seconds.

The Drester wheel washer gives wheels a low environmental impact show-room sparkle and boosts profits with a short payback time.

When Beissbarth added the Drester Wheel Washer to its range over six years ago it found a new and diverse market – perfect for the needs of both vehicle restorers and major vehicle manufacturers with high output for vehicle preparation of company vehicles for the dealer network.

Beissbarth UK’s Philip Hodges said: “There are huge benefits to investing in this Drester. As well as making the wheels look spotless, the machine tackles the accumulated dirt and brake dust that can gather at the back of the wheels, giving longer lasting precision when wheel balancing.

“A more effective handling of tyres and wheels greatly improves production flow in the modern workshop. Dirt and dust stays in the wheel washer so there is less wear and tear on other equipment. The Drester safely cleans all kinds of wheels including SUV and Run Flat-tyres with no impact on the tyre. It also enables simple hairline cracks to be seen in the wheel surface which could lead to the eventual failure in the wheel assembly.”

The Drester blasts water containing small plastic granules and detergent at the front and back of the wheels. The machine works automatically and without interruption until the last wheel is cleaned. No wasted time or waiting at the washer.

The Wheel Washer is also good news for the environment, as it uses a biodegradable detergent. Water and dirt particles are separated by sedimentation. The filtered clean water can be let out into the drain and the sediment removed manually or with the Drester water cleaner.

More details about the Drester W-750 and other products in the Beissbarth range are available on the Free phone Helpline: 0800 1694660
or fax: 0115 981 8431

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Portatyre – tyre inflation wherever it’s needed

portable-tyre-inflatorSelf-contained: Portatyre comprises a 24 litre capacity compressed air tank, inflator gun with easy-read pressure gauge, coiled air hose and couplings.

The UK’s “leading supplier” of compressed air products and process systems, Thorite, has launched a handy new automotive product: the new Portatyre portable tyre inflator, priced at just £59.95+VAT, provides a light-weight source of compressed air.

Portatyre means tyres can be checked and inflated anywhere on the forecourt – this banishes the problem of dragging a heavy air hose around, as well as the risk of bodywork scratches caused by the hose rubbing against the vehicle when inflating tyres furthest from a fixed air source.

Portatyre comprises a 24 litre capacity compressed air tank, inflator gun with easy-read pressure gauge, coiled air hose and couplings.

The tank is large enough to enable dozens of tyres to be topped up, yet light enough to be carried to wherever it’s required. The unit can be quickly re-filled using any on site compressed air source, such as the Service Department airline.

The new Portatyre portable tyre inflator is available from the Thorite webstore, from any of the company’s nine regional Sales and Service Centre’s throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East, or for next day delivery from Thorite’s National Distribution Centre which can be called freephone on 0800 0345850.

Further Information: Ross Gowler, Thorite Marketing and Engineering Services Director
Email: Tel: 01274 663471
Thorite, Thorite House, Laisterdyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 8BZ.

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Snap-on expands workshop equipment offering

snap-on-workshop rangeIn response to customer demand Snap-on Diagnostics, brand leaders in diagnostic tools, software and information for the automotive industry, has announced that, as a result of strong customer demand, it is expanding its product offering with the launch of a new Snap-on range of lifts, tyre changes, wheel balances and wheel aligners.

“Over recent months we have been receiving more and more requests from our customers for us to be able to offer a complete Snap-on workshop offering in addition to our existing air conditioning, emissions and ATL equipment plus our best selling ‘family’ of hand-held diagnostics tools,” says Helen Taylor, UK Marketing Manager of Snap-on Diagnostics. “This led us to recently complete a full review of Snap-on branded products currently available to the UK garage and workshop.

“As a result of this review we made the decision that from 2009 we want to be in a position to equip the full workshop, whatever its size. In many ways it is a natural step for us. We are very excited about the market potential for our new range of workshop products.”

There are five lifts in the range designed to suit every workshop need, up to the 4.0t SVL 40 HBL3 Asymmetric electro-hydraulic baseless lift with twin ram – ideal for light commercial as well as standard vehicles – and all options come in single or three phase. Snap-on is able to offer its customers full support in their purchase, as site surveys, drawings and installation are all completed in-house.

Also adding to the range, includes two Snap-on wheel balancers, with the top of the range being the SWB20 semi-automatic data input motorspin balancer with ALU mode, wheel guard and automatic spin. Three new Snap-on tyre changers to complement the package are now on offer, the most high profile being the Snap-on STC50 automatic tilt arm tyre changer 10-24″ wheels 1 Phase c/w Pro low profile helper kit. The range is completed by two 4 wheel laser alignment systems both sharing the same basic part number – SAC4L – but one being trolley mounted and the other wall mounted.

“It is great news for us that Snap-on is now able to offer a complete workshop equipment solution,” continues Helen Taylor. “Our customers now have a one-stop shop for the majority of their workshop equipment needs. And, because they are buying from the Snap-on range of products, they can expect the highest quality combined with unparalleled levels of service and support.

“Our sales and back-up teams have all the expertise necessary to advise our customers in the vital area of workshop equipment selection. Our network of UKAS accredited engineers will install the majority of our new Snap-on products and are also responsible for making on-site visits for routine maintenance and calibration, as well as being available to offer full product support by telephone.

“This new Snap-on range of lifts, tyre changes, wheel balances and wheel aligners gives us, we believe, an exciting portfolio of products to offer to UK garages and workshops in 2009 and beyond.”

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