MOT Workshop 32 – News, New Products and Services

• UK debut for innovative alignment system from Pro-Align
• Autologic’s Automechanika Review
• RMI Forms MOT Working Group
• CES (UK) Ltd launches
• Enhanced Diesel Component Repairs

• ‘Wurth-while’ air-conditioning


UK debut for innovative alignment system from Pro-Align

RX40l opt“The RX40 platform enables garages to cut wheel alignment measurement times significantly, delivering considerable efficiency gains,” explains Pro-Align’s managing director Paul Beaurain. “Its slick operation effectively means that the capacity of each service bay is increased, allowing garages to perform even more vehicle checks and generate greater returns. Our demonstrator is the first installation of the equipment in the country, so we are looking forward to showing many garages its time-saving potential.”

Workshops looking to increase service bay efficiency can now view the latest Hunter RX40 wheel alignment lift console, following installation of the equipment by Pro-Align’s at its Northamptonshire headquarters. The latest addition to Pro-Align’s range of advanced wheel alignment equipment features automatic tyre inflation and remote locking of turn plates and slip plates, saving technicians from walking up to five extra laps around the vehicle. Wheel alignment measurements readings can now be delivered in as little as two minutes, significantly increasing productivity and vehicle throughput.

The RX40 console is one of four key components of Pro-Align’s Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA) system which streamlines and automates the wheel alignment process. The Hunter HawkEye aligner acts as the central control unit of the system, communicating directly with the lift; Powerslide slip plates and turnplates automatically lock and unlock at the required times, removing the need for technicians to manually struggle with locking pins; InflationStation automatically inflates tyres to the correct pressures simultaneously, reducing service times even further.

“For workshops who have already identified and understand the business potential of advanced wheel alignment, Fully Integrated Alignment will be a welcome extension, helping them accommodate even more customers,” concludes Beaurain.

Workshops eager to view the powerful capabilities of the Hunter RX40 can contact Pro-Align on 01327 323007 or email Further details of Pro-Align’s full range of advanced garage equipment including wheel aligners, lifts, balancers and tyre changers can be found in the company’s new products and services brochure.

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Autologic’s Automechanika Review

AutologicDiagnNov optAutologic Diagnostics reported a very successful show following the recent Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt, with the Autologic stand receiving a steady flow of international traffic throughout the week. Frankfurt also provided the ideal opportunity for Autologic to host their first International Distributor Meeting which was attended by 22 existing Autologic distributors from around the world.

Peter Toland Autologic Managing Director commented, “A show like Automechanika is an invaluable platform for us to showcase Autologic to an international audience as well as providing a fabulous opportunity to meet with potential customers. During the six days in Frankfurt, we received a significant number of new enquiries from workshops across Europe and beyond. We also had numerous meetings with potential distributors and talked with a number of specialist German Master Technicians who expressed a keen interest in the Autologic product. The show was very productive for us and we anticipate great things as a result.”

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RMI Forms MOT Working Group

The Retail Motor Industry (RMI) has announced the formation of an MOT Working Group, to discuss MOT policy and the future of the test.

The group, chaired by RMI’s MOT Chairman John Ball, will meet for the first time in November, and will include representatives from a broad cross-section of the MOT testing industry.

Following an announcement from the Department for Transport that the 50 year old MOT test will be subject to a review later this year, the RMI met with Mike Penning MP, and were asked to advise on the issues affecting the industry and the implications of an MOT review.

The RMI has more MOT stations in membership than any other trade organisation and is taking the leading trade role to ensure that the trade’s interests are looked after. The working group will provide a forum for discussion of MOT policy and allow for dialogue on the safety issues surrounding the MOT test.

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CES (UK) Ltd launches

Brand new website for tools and consumables

autosessiv logo optCES (UK) Ltd, the UK’s exhaust experts has just launched a website packed with all the essential consumables and tools required by a busy workshop. CES (UK) Ltd has a passion for all things automotive; some would say we are obsessive.  We are obsessive about customer service, about the quality of parts, obsessive about cars and motorsport. We are Autosessive!

“Autosessive is an exciting web site created for all car enthusiasts, whether they work in the trade or spend their weekends polishing and tinkering. It is based on our successful consumables catalogue and is packed with thousands of products used every day, all available to be delivered anywhere in the UK” said Simon Moore, Marketing Manager of CES (UK) Ltd.

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Enhanced Diesel Component Repairs

New Bosch Tools and Measuring Equipment for Repairs to Common-Rail Injectors

• Economical, cost-effective and high-quality repairs • All individual injector components replaceable
• High-precision measuring systems for professional repairs

The low consumption and excellent performance of modern diesel engines have given rise to a diesel boom in recent years, which continues apace. Common-rail high-pressure pumps and injectors from Bosch are playing a major part in this development. More than 50 million diesel fuel-injection systems, and thus over 340 million injectors, are already in use around the world. As a result, an ever increasing number of vehicles with high-pressure injection systems are entering the workshop for diagnosis and repair. Bosch is supporting workshops with a special diesel repair concept. What began in 2005 with the first stage – the replacement of the nozzle – has now developed into a complete repair service. With the new stage of the repair concept, Bosch now also offers workshops the requisite tools and measuring equipment for the professional repair of common-rail injectors. All individual components of the injectors can therefore be replaced as required.

With the new repair package, the workshop is able to repair all current solenoid valve-controlled injectors from Bosch up to 1800 bar, both for passenger cars (CRI 1.0 – 2.2) and commercial vehicles (CRIN 1 – 3). The tools and measuring equipment in the repair package were developed on the basis of the series production of common-rail injectors at Bosch. This means that the workshop can carry out professional diesel repairs and offer its clients an economical and cost-effective repair service of the highest quality.

Repair package with special tools and high-precision measuring systems

Due to stricter regulations governing exhaust gas emissions and the resulting functions, such as pre-injection, common-rail injectors have to be produced and configured to ever tighter tolerances. This in turn places very high demands on required repairs. For this reason, the new repair package for diesel injectors contains measuring equipment with which values can be set to an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter. This not only enables precise measurement of the injector function parameters, but also the identification of possible fault causes. The workshop can thus apply the same high quality standards to its diagnostic and repair work as those employed in the factory. Comprehensive repair software with an integrated database supports the vehicle technician with all measurements and defined procedures.

Bosch1-AA-16690 optTraining at a Bosch Training Centre in Denham represents the ideal basis for professional use of the comprehensive injector repair package. Bosch therefore recommends that workshops carrying out demanding CRI/CRIN repairs attend the introductory training. The diesel experts of the Bosch technical hotline will be happy to provide further assistance with issues arising during practical workshop activities.

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‘Wurth-while’ air-conditioning

Würth is proud to present its new range of ‘Coolius’ air conditioning machines.

Coolius1000 optCoolius2000 opt

Recently released, the two fully automatic machines boast exciting features such as; shock absorbing scales, rotary compressors for faster refrigerant recovery, customisable thermal printouts and an updatable inbuilt car database.

With a range consisting of a 10kg unit for users requiring a more mobile approach to air-conditioning and a feature rich 20kg unit for the more demanding user, there is something for everyone wishing to enter the profitable air conditioning service.

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