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• Pro-Align competition offers a ‘business-transforming prize’
• MOT Special notice 1-2011: Leak Detection Spray
• MoT Club ‘Moving with the times”

• Professional motorcycle mechanics’ tools are affordable from Laser Tools
• TEN Automotive achieves IMI Accreditation
• A coup for The Trade Group
• Protech purchases brands and starts production in UK ‘soon’

Pro-Align competition offers a ‘business-transforming prize’

HawkEye Special HR optIn celebration of its 20 years in business, Pro-Align Ltd, one of the UK’s leading wheel alignment specialists, is giving away one Hunter HawkEye ‘Special’ imaging aligner, worth £9,000, in a new online competition. The winning workshop will not only benefit from a world leading Hunter imaging alignment system, full installation, training and service support, but ultimately a highly-profitable business opportunity capable of transforming their service business for the future.

“Making money from retail alignment is how we initially started out and that gave us the grounding for where we are today,” explains Paul Beaurain, founder and managing director, Pro-Align. “Having reached this milestone in the company’s history, we wanted to give something back and offer another workshop the unique opportunity to make a difference to their business through alignment, as we did.”

To be in with a chance of winning the alignment equipment, workshops simply need to visit Pro-Align’s new website,, and answer eight questions about the business and wheel alignment.

“In these tough times, this competition could help change a business forever,” continues Paul Beaurain. “Indeed, with it still being difficult for many small businesses to secure funding from banks, this competition could be a real lifeline for someone to expand their business gaining a valuable new revenue source.”

The competition is open to all mainland UK workshops; bodyshops, retail tyre shops, independent and franchised garages that have the space for a wheel alignment bay. Workshops answering the competition questions will be visited by Pro-Align for a preliminary site survey of the allocated bay space. The qualifying entries will be entered into a draw on 1st October. Full terms and conditions of the competition are available on the Pro-Align website.

From small beginnings back in 1991, Pro-Align has become renowned as one of the UK’s leading authorities on four-wheel alignment, and has done much to educate the aftermarket in the opportunities professional four wheel alignment offers. Being totally independent and not manufacturer owned, Pro-Align has also been successful in sourcing equipment to meet the market requirements, including the world leading Hunter wheel alignment and wheel servicing equipment.

“We wish everyone entering the competition the very best of luck and we are looking forward to the next 20 years. It is an exciting time for professional wheel alignment as UK motorists are now beginning to recognise it as an ‘Essential Service’ ” concludes Paul.

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MOT Special notice 1-2011: Leak Detection Spray

leak spray optRegulatory changes which will take effect from 1 January 2012, stipulate that all MOT Testing Stations in the categories 3, 4, 5 & 7 must carry a proprietary leak detection spray.

e-G@S UK inform us that the spray they supply meets VOSA’s required standard: BS EN 14291:2004, and additionally that it meets DIN EN 14291, as well as the German DVGW NG/5170BE0105 standard.

Using the product really is ‘simplicity itself’…

Simply spray a film onto the component to be tested, and look for the bubbles. Even the smallest of positive pressure leaks will show up. Simple and effective, but e-G@S UK claim that there’s more to it than that!

Designed to be safe in its intended use, e-G@S UK claims the aerosol propellant is both VOC free and inert. Transparent in colour and environmentally friendly, it has a slight foaming action when released from its pressurised aerosol.

Their busy e-G@S UK workshop technicians liked its ability to ‘cling’ to the sprayed area, and remain usable for several minutes. Time enough for them to spray a series of joints and return to examine the first – so saving time.

Its working temperature is between 5 – 30 C. Spillages or overspray can simply be removed with clean water if needed.

They inform us that the product has a neutral pH value (7-7.5) and contains rust inhibitors.

Some normal detergents contain very high concentrations of sodium chloride (salt) and are alkali… e-G@S UK say theirs “most certainly doesn’t”.

MOTs aside, e-G@S say Leak detection spray is one item that the modern LPG installer, Gas Safe installer (Formerly CORGI), refrigeration or compressed air engineer will find a use for on a daily basis. They claim it is useful for testing vehicle air conditioning units, and invaluable in Gas Safety tests. A little goes a long way, they state; “…we tested over 20 vehicles per can!”

For tyre fitters, they say it is much safer to use than a “smelly” tyre bath! “One area that it works really well with is for finding those pesky little bead seal leaks – the cause of so many slow punctures. Minute air leaks are inaudible, difficult to source; until now!”.

In conclusion, e-G@S say “this is a product that you either ‘have to have’, or can’t do without! Not much of a choice is it really?”

Available from e-G@S UK (see advertisement further on in this publication)

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MoT Club ‘Moving with the times”

John Ashton optBy MoT Club Director John Ashton

The MoT Club are moving with the times and reflecting how VOSA operate. We are combining the traditional Site Audit with the new format Site Assessment interview and will provide a third party view of what VTSs need to do to achieve Green status.

Plans are in hand to use the Hand Held Devices to provide management information to all levels, AEDM, Site Manager, NTQC and NTs on a more immediate basis.

We are also monitoring what we have nicknamed the “e-bay car syndrome”, where cars are being purchased and then attempts to extort money from VTSs are made with the threat that the car should not have been issued with a VT20. If money is not forthcoming complaints to VOSA will be lodged. Our experience recently is that when VTSs stand up for themselves and offer to provde a VT17, the complainant often disappears. If any stations have experienced this, even non members, we would appreciate details.

We all lose with 4-2-2

This is the biggest “LOSE-LOSE” situation that has hit the marketplace for years.

The public lose because there will be more deaths due to more accidents which cause higher insurance premiums. VOSA lose because there will be a reluctance for commercially aware companies to invest in becoming a VTS or investing in existing station equipment levels. The lowering numbers will result in less compliant VTSs being monitored by a reduced number of VOSA staff. This results in even more dangerous cars on the road. This then exacerbates the first point, above.

The trade will lose, obviously, due to the reduced number of MOT Tests, dependent on which frequency is chosen.

At the MoT Club it is believed that if the Government can ignore all the findings that were deeply researched in the 2008 report, there must be a financial aspect that has not yet been highlighted. Is VAT on Testing around the corner? This could provide upwards of £200 million per year even at the lowest volume of 4-2-2.

We can see the advert now: “FREE VAT ON ALL MOTS” !

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Professional motorcycle mechanics’ tools are affordable from Laser Tools

5086 diagram plus optmotorcycle products 1 optThe serious motorcycle mechanic will find these new tools from Laser an indispensable addition to their toolbox.

The Motorcycle Piston Ring Tool Set (part no: 5066) features four bands (40mm to 85mm) that will fit most motorcycle engines. The tool helps to prevent piston ring damage during installation and makes an easy job of fitting new pistons and rings. Packed in a handy blow moulded case to keep the components clean, expect to pay around £18.95.

The new 4-piece Motorcycle Bush tool (part no: 5086) is a very useful bit of kit: designed for removing and installing the top and bottom bushes on the rear shock absorbers of most motorcycles. Drift sizes are 12.5mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm. Solid steel drifts have rust-resistant plating and are used in conjunction with the supplied removal block. Recommended price is £16.95.

For those hard-to-access mixture adjusting screws on multi-cylinder motorcycles Laser have come up with their Angled Pilot Screwdriver (part no: 5067). 470mm long with an angled head, makes light work of what is often an awkward task. Expect to pay around £19.95.

More details of these and other tools in the Laser Motorcycle Range can be found at

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TEN Automotive achieves IMI Accreditation

Ten-01TEN Automotive Equipment Ltd has been accredited as an IMI Awards Training Centre for Vehicle Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) qualification which, ALL Garage personnel who use R134a Refrigerant, or service vehicle air conditioning systems, are required to achieve by law.

“The objective of the course is to develop ability, knowledge and safe handling of fluorinated refrigerants (‘greenhouse gases’), used in vehicle air conditioning systems” says Managing Director; Chris Gostling. “The Candidate will also gain a firm understanding of the impact of these gases on the environment, and climate change.”

Ten-2The minimum qualification necessary is Level 3 Award in Automotive Refrigerant Handling defined by EU Directive (EC842-2006). It is a one-day IMI training course and the qualification does not require a five year re-assessment as with the ATA route.

In addition to the Training facility at Kings Lynn, TEN Automotive are accredited to offer ‘on-site’ qualification training at a customers premises. Further information and Course Details may be found on the TEN website.
Tel: 01553 764900

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A coup for The Trade Group

Dave GarretTerry Bullw optIn a coup for Trade Garage Equipment Limited, they have appointed Terry Bullworthy, a guru of the garage equipment world, as their new Trade Group President. Chairman Keith Fairlie said, “We are extremely pleased to announce that Terry Bullworthy has agreed to be our new President, he has an absolute wealth of technical, automotive and garage equipment knowledge and experience and we are looking forward to him helping guide our successful and ever expanding garage equipment business to even greater heights.”

Announced at the recent annual Trade Garage Equipment Limited suppliers meeting and Gala Dinner, GEA Chairman Dave Garratt (below, left, with Terry Bullworthy and Keith Fairlie) was the first person in the queue to congratulate Terry on his new and prestigious appointment.

Terry Bullworthy said, “I am really honoured and excited about the appointment; over the last twenty years The Trade Group has become leaders in the UK garage equipment market by working hard to become more than just a traditional type of supplier; they are a National organisation with locally based members who are all garage equipment specialists with wide experience. Their all inclusive service encompasses the initial customer wish list, development of the action plan, selection of the equipment, Auto Cad layout plans, staff training, commissioning of the workshop and equipment, right through to the service plan back-up programme, including calibrations etc. They are also proud to maintain ongoing support of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers who share their vision, including Rotary Blitz, MAHA, Hofmann Megaplan, SPX, Supertracker, Trademaster and Majorlift.

The Trade Group are well on course to substantially grow their business in the coming years”.

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Protech purchases brands and starts production in UK ‘soon’

Protech Logo optThe assets, names, stock of Protech SpA, Air Solutions SpA and Seltec s.r.l. have been purchased by a newly formed Company Protech and will start production of Protech MOT Approved Emission and Air Solutions Air Conditioning in the UK very soon.

Protech is a Brand recognised in the UK, with many MOT Stations using Protech Equipment. Originally manufactured in Florence Italy, Protech products have been sold across the world with forty-one National Approvals. The newly formed Company will further develop these established markets with well proven existing products and increase the range with new automotive service items.

Protech’s promise is to support new and existing Customers with excellent Service, Spares availability, Upgrades and Calibration. The New Senior Management and Owners of New Protech have been working with this type of product for many years. They fully understand that a MOT Bay can’t function without fully operational Emissions Equipment. Only a guaranteed fast response service and high first time fix rate is acceptable for this type of equipment. Protech will very soon offer this with a fully trained Service Team.

For further information please contact
Web site

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