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• New Campaign Launched to Defend Annual MOT Testing
• Trico® launches aftermarket hybrid beam wiper blade with fluoropolymer resin coated wiping element
• TPMS is the way forward for a safer drive advises leading automotive safety expert

• New Starter & Alternator catalogue from DENSO
• It’s a wrap for pioneering partnership
• TEXA: The Importance of Training

New Campaign Launched to Defend Annual MOT Testing

Road safety, motoring and industry groups join forces to press new Transport Secretary to rule out reducing MOT frequency

PRO-MOTElogos optMORE THAN 25 organisations representing motorists, road safety campaigners, cyclists, small businesses, insurers and the wider motor industry join forces today to launch a new campaign to press the new Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, to rule out a reduction in the frequency of MOT Testing.

The campaign comes three weeks after Ms Greening’s predecessor Philip Hammond confirmed to the Conservative Party conference that the Government was looking again at ways “to reduce the burden of the MOT test”.

The PRO-MOTE campaign, which has the support of groups such as Brake, the RAC, AA, Kwik Fit, Halfords, Aviva and the Retail Motor Industry Federation, today publishes a report entitled “Dangerous, Expensive and Unwanted: The case against reducing MOT frequency”.

The campaign is writing to Ministers and to all MPs urging them to oppose any move towards reducing MOT frequency. It is also urging supporters to sign an online petition via the website.

Supporters of the PRO-MOTE campaign include:

Edmund King, President of the AA, who says: “The Government should state that they will not change the frequency of MOTs.”

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive at Brake, the road safety charity: “Downgrading the system so MOTs are only required every two years is a nonsensical and inhumane policy that would mean many more needless tragedies.”

David Bizley, RAC’s Technical Director: “The current MOT Testing regime has stood the UK in good stead and ensures that there are relatively few accidents directly attributable to unroadworthy vehicles.”

Nigel Bartram, senior motor underwriting manager at Aviva: “The MOT is the only time some vehicles receive any safety checks and maintenance, and to reduce the frequency of this check could cost lives.”

James Gibson, spokesperson for Road Safety GB: “Road Safety GB is keen to support the PRO-MOTE campaign – the evidence shows that changing the testing regime will reduce safety on our roads.”

Bill Duffy, Chief Executive of Halfords Autocentres: “We believe that extending the MOT frequency would be bad news for drivers and bad news for road safety and the environment too.”

John Ball, Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) MOT chairman: “Why does the government want to change MOT frequency? Motorists don’t want it, more lives are endangered and thousands of jobs and apprenticeships are at risk.”

David White, customer services director at Kwik Fit: “A reduction in MOT testing is going to hit many businesses hard, particularly local small and medium-sized companies, and it seems inevitable that the 10,000 apprenticeships taken on every year would be significantly scaled back.”

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Trico® launches aftermarket hybrid beam wiper blade with fluoropolymer resin coated wiping element

Trico optTrico®, a world leader in replacement windscreen wiper blades for the automotive aftermarket, has announced the launch of a hybrid beam wiper blade as part of its TricoFit factory replacement range.

Hybrid blades are a popular original fitment on many Japanese and Korean vehicles. This style of blade is particularly suited for large attack angle variations and maximises high-speed windlift performance with low-noise operation.

Trico Pack optTrack tested at vehicle speeds up to 190kph, Trico’s hybrid bade features a life cycle durability in excess of 1 million cycles, combined with an effective operating temperature range of -40 to +60oC. The blade is engineered to conform to today’s highly curved windshields with a spring steel-beam structure that supports an infinite number of pressure points across the entire wiping surface. But where it differs from competitive parts is in its construction.

Reduced friction

The Trico hybrid blade combines an aerofoil-shaped polymer shield, for increased downforce, with a fluoropolymer resin coated rubber wiper element that reduces friction and provides enhanced blade life. The polymer shield protects the blade, while its hinged design provides the flexibility needed to maintain optimum contact pressure.

The blade is available now in 400mm (16-inch) to 700mm (28-inch) lengths, providing coverage for 9mm Hook, 9×4 Hook, and Side Lock arms.

Name change

The blade will be introduced in the company’s new contemporary packaging which heralds a name change for the range: from ExactFit to TricoFit. Designed to provide maximum shelf appeal for packaged products, the new brand identity gives a modern, vibrant look and feel for Trico as it continues to evolve with the needs of the industry.

Trico’s hybrid beam blade. An OE replacement for popular Japanese and Korean vehicles.

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TPMS is the way forward for a safer drive advises leading automotive safety expert

TRW TPMS IMAGE 1 optTo improve safety on Europe’s roads, TRW Automotive Aftermarket, manufacturer of ‘Corner Module’ products (braking, steering and suspension) has called upon the industry as a whole to appeal to motorists to adopt the use of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) in all categories of driving.

This comes as the business has learned that estimates by the Sécurité Routière (French Institution for Road Safety) show that nine per cent of all fatal road accidents are attributable to tyre under-inflation, and according to German safety consultant DEKRA, a massive 41 per cent of accidents with physical injuries are linked to tyre problems.

For reasons of safety and environmental impact, and following in the footsteps of legislation passed in 2008 in America (the TREAD act), the EU states under Regulation 661/2009 for the safety of motor vehicles that all new cars introduced to market from 2012, and new cars sold from 2014, must have TPMS fitted as standard. While there is no EU legislation yet for mandatory TPMS for commercial and heavy commercial vehicles, the rule could be extended to trucks and buses after 2016 when this Regulation will be reviewed. This change is currently being lobbied.

Real-time warnings

The job of a TPMS is to communicate information about individual tyre pressure and temperature, to the driver. The system display gives real-time warnings of any problems, for example, rapid deflation due to a puncture, which allows any action to be taken before an accident occurs or there is any serious damage to the vehicle. Apart from the obvious safety benefits of TPMS, the system has substantial cost and environmental benefits

Mass production

TRW, who claim to be at the forefront of TPMS technology, has just announced its lowest cost automatic location system. The zero initiator TPMS is currently in mass production and being evaluated by a number of global manufacturers to be fitted to new cars. Like TRW’s current direct TPMS systems, the technology includes four wheel mounted sensors to directly monitor the individual tyre pressure levels, but eliminates the need for the electronic initiators previously required to locate the sensor positions.

Gravity sensing

TRW TPMS ILLUSTRATION optThe receiver is typically mounted under the rear of the vehicle or in the rear bumper area, and can determine front and rear sensor locations by comparing the received signal strengths. Left and right side sensor locations are determined by sensing and processing the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. Thus, by combining the front/rear and left/right information, the system can determine which tyre is underinflated without the need for any initiators.

TRW’s Global marketing services manager, Soeren Kristensen, added: “Although today’s radial tyres are significantly safer than the bias-ply tyres of 25 years ago, they still need regular attention. As well as being one of the biggest culprits in road accidents, reports conclude that global tyre under-inflation is responsible for: more than 20 million litres of unnecessary fuel consumption; the dumping of more than two million tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere and more than 200 million tyres being prematurely wasted.”

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Fuel line clamp and stopper kit

5219 Right optThis new fuel line clamp and stopper kit from Laser Tools (part no: 5219) is indispensable for the busy technician with a selection of different tools in a handy kit.

The tools stop fluid loss and seal off pipes and hoses while working on the engine and ancillaries. They are designed to suit a variety of pipes and hoses, including fuel lines, transmission fluid lines, brake pipes, coolant lines, vacuum pipes, etc.

Use to seal steel, plastic and rubber lines once disconnected.
Prevents fluid leaks and contamination during servicing.
Use with all automotive fluids.

The kit also includes a handy fuel pipe separator to quickly disconnect snap-fit fuel connectors. It is available now for a typical price of £62.24 but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

The tools included are:
Extension hose clamp — useful for clamping off hoses where access is limited.
Stoppers — used to close off hoses, vacuum pipes, etc. Six stoppers are supplied, two of each size: 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″.
Metal fuel pipe clamp — seals off the end of fuel pipe.
Banjo clamp — seals off both sides of a banjo fuel or brake pipe fitting.
More details from

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New Starter & Alternator catalogue from DENSO

DENSO fitting starter optDenso catalogue 2011-1 optDENSO, a leading OE rotating machines manufacturer and one of the strongest providers of original equipment quality, advanced technology replacement Starters and Alternators, has announced the new DENSO Starters and Alternators catalogue 2011/12 for aftermarket customers.

The new catalogue (Ref: DESA11-0001) includes 27 new Starter applications and 39 new Alternator applications. The new Alternator applications include the Toyota Avensis, Toyota RAV4, Alfa Romeo Spider and Land Rover Range Rover Sport, whilst the new Starter application list includes; Nissan Primera, Nissan X Trail, Volkswagen Bora and Audi A3.

Unlike many other brands, DENSO’s aftermarket Starters and Alternators are completely new-in-box rather than re-manufactured. With no core surcharge, administration is greatly reduced, ensuring a high quality product made from genuine parts, at a competitive price. The programme is also unique in the OE parc coverage it is able to offer, for example, once expansion is complete, 95% coverage of Toyota applications – one of the highest OE specification Toyota provisions of any rotating machines brand.

Details of DENSO’s expanded, aftermarket Starter & Alternator programme are available in the Q3/2011 version of TecDoc. A new DENSO 2011/2012 Starter & Alternator printed catalogue(Ref: DESA11-0001) is also available immediately.

To find out more contact DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK on 02476 843416 or email Alternatively, log onto DENSO’s new aftermarket website, to find out the latest company news, as well as viewing e-catalogues, finding products and locating suppliers in your areas.

Added to this, DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK has also joined Twitter. Follow @densopartsuk to find out up-to-date news from the company, as well as getting instant answers for any technical questions you may have.

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It’s a wrap for pioneering partnership

image003 optLeading gazebo and canopy manufacturer Nicoll Industries are helping a national automotive specialist to take their innovative sign-writing and vehicle protection films to the roads.

Nicoll has teamed up with Hexis UK LTD, an industry leader in the fast-growing vehicle ‘wrapping’ market to supply a specialist range of pop-up canopies.

The robust yet portable devices are providing a perfect solution for customers of Hexis UK LTD to deliver their services direct to clients at their own premises.

Automotive Film Developer Kris Owen from Hexis UK LTD explained: “Vehicle wrapping is where a high-tech cast vinyl film is applied and fitted to a vehicle’s bodywork, these films have become increasingly popular, with more demands by the day”.

“In the past it had to be done in a workshop but thanks to the protection offered by the Nicoll canopies, our customers can now create a temperature controlled, dust-free environment wherever they need it”.

“Despite their size, these gazebo frames are incredibly portable and can effectively be put up in minutes by one person.”

“The automotive wrapping technique can be used on premium sports cars and commercial vehicles where the owner requires a change of body colour or the eye-catching design for a bespoke full vehicle wrap.”

Nicoll Industries MD Fay Nicoll said: “We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious company.

“Our product range is perfect for this type of role because of the unbeatable combination of strength, durability and portability.”

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TEXA: The Importance of Training

texa uk 009 optTexa is recognised as a market leader in multi-brand diagnostics for the Truck, Car, Agricultural, Marine and the Motorcycle markets. Over the past 6 years since the company established its offices in the UK, they have continually improved the service and support which is available to both their distributors and equipment end users. Some of these additional services have included technical product and vehicle support (a department which has recently benefited from further investment) and importantly the TexaEdu training program. In their UK office facility in Nelson near Manchester, Texa have a fully equipped training facility which 12 months ago became a certified IMI training centre.

Over recent years the Training provided by Texa has developed and now includes a range of courses specifically tailored to support their customers. Product training to support the diagnostic equipment will always be an important part of the training program, but in 2011 Texa have been actively looking to provide additional system training courses.

“Training is a vital part of our industry, and unfortunately over recent years, has been overlooked and undervalued. We must look to equip technicians with the knowledge and equipment to maintain and repair electronic systems, or we will find ourselves in a situation where no one can repair them” said Dave Tempest, Managing Director of Texa UK. “Diagnostic equipment plays a vital part in the repair process, but it is still the technicians who make the decisions and complete the repair, so they are the most important part of the repair procedure.”

For further information on Texa Training, or if you would like to discuss your training requirements, visit their website or email Rebecca at

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