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• Glow Plugs: Getting the Best Diesel Start in Winter
• New SVL 43 2 Post Lift from Snap-On Diagnostics
• Tyre Sealant for hassle free puncture repair

• V-Tech UK Celebrates 10th Anniversary in the Industry
• Check your battery condition with Gunson’s new dial type battery tester
• Sell Premium Quality Batteries –They cost less than a tank of fuel

Glow Plugs: Getting the Best Diesel Start in Winter

As the peak season for replacing glow plugs approaches, be ready for winter demand by stocking up on the best performing cold weather glow plugs.

mot workshop denso glow plugsGlow plug failure is highest during colder weather when the temperature drops – in fact 80% of replacement glow plug demand occurs between September and March. Although there are several different types of glow plug on the market, to ensure optimum ignition performance after replacement it is vital to know which technologies perform particularly well in colder weather.

Kevin Peacocke, assistant manager at DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK, confirms: “In winter there are two types of glow plug that can be particularly recommended for diesel cars: Ceramic and Instant Heating. These technologies provide an extremely reliable, rapid cold start, especially in winter.”

“Instant heating glow plugs in particular are likely to become more prevalent in the future, both as original equipment and in the aftermarket,” he continues. “DENSO’s Instant Heating Glow Plugs even offer a unique advantage – with a heat-up time of around 2 seconds they achieve the fastest start of any glow plugs in the world.”

Drawing on DENSO’s heritage as a world leader in OEM diesel systems, DENSO Aftermarket’s OE quality Glow Plugs programme is widely regarded as one of the best for quality, choice and performance. Each of its ranges – Double Coil, Extended Post-Heating, Ceramic and Instant Heating – offers fast heat-up times, outstanding reliability and extended post-heat temperatures that help to significantly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. The programme includes 128 part references providing 2,900 applications and 98% car parc coverage. Recently added applications include: Audi A3, Citroen C2, Fiat Panda, SEAT Leon and Renault Clio II.

“Diesel cars represented more than 50% of new cars registered in the European Union in 2010*, and the share continues to grow,” explains Kevin Peacocke. “Performance diesel cars are becoming more acceptable and there is every indication that we could see a trend towards more sporty applications for diesel cars.”

“Emission limits for diesel engines will continue to fall in line with European legislation. Euro 6, which comes into force in 2014, will impact on the size of engines as manufactures work towards meeting the target. By choosing the right Glow Plug technologies, distributors and garages can ensure they serve this important market well all year round.”

Find out more
To find out more about DENSO’s Glow Plug programme please call 02476 843416 or email sales. Alternatively, log onto our website, to find out the latest company news, as well as viewing e-catalogues, finding products and locating suppliers in your areas. Added to this, DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK can also be contacted via Twitter. Follow @densopartsuk to find out up-to-date news from the company, as well as getting instant answers for any technical questions you may have.

Source: European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) Dec 2010

Start and go: Our Winter Glow Plug recommendations

  • Ceramic heating element that can reach temperatures as high as 1,250°C
  • Super-fast pre-heating for lower emissions, better oxidation and erosion resistance
  • Extend post-heating temperature from a cold start, contributing to lower engine emissions and noise
  • Longer service life

DENSO Instant Heating Glow Plugs
All the benefits of our Double Coil Glow Plugs (extended post-heating time, smoother running engine), with improved coil properties and materials
Fastest start in the world, at around two seconds – even faster than Ceramic
Less expensive than Ceramic

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New SVL 43 2 Post Lift from Snap-On Diagnostics

Snap-on Diagnostics, brand leaders in diagnostic tools, software and information for the automotive industry, has announced the expansion of its Sun-branded vehicle lift range with the introduction of a new 2 post lift, the SVL 43.

mot workshop svl43 snap-onThe SVL 43 is a 2 post based, 4 tonne service lift which is ideal for servicing anything from small cars, 4×4 or light commercial vehicles. It is an electro-hydraulic, twin ram lift with automatic arm locking device, dead man controls and foot guards. It comes as standard with 60mm lift pad extensions. The four 3-stage arms have been designed to give maximum lifting point versatility. The SVL 43 is supplied as 3 phase 415v or optional 230v 1 phase.

“We have been delighted with the UK trade’s response to our expanding and versatile lift offering,” says Mark Ost, UK Sales Director of Snap-on Diagnostics. “Again – and in response to further strong customer demand – we have introduced this impressive new SVL 43 2 post lift which we are confident will be very well received by the UK market.”

For more details about the SVL 43 lift from Snap-on, visit our website

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Tyre Sealant for hassle free puncture repair

Ring Introduces Tyre Repair Sealant and Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

mot workshop rtk1 tyre kitAccording to the AA one of the top ten causes for a vehicle breakdown is a flat or punctured tyre!
While most cars come with a spare wheel, many people do not feel confident or physically able changing a spare wheel. Plus it can be dangerous to change the wheel at the side of a road, especially on a motorway.

Ring has developed an alternative, the Ring Tyre Repair and Ring Emergency Tyre Repair kit.

The 400ml tyre repair sealant aerosol (included in the Emergency Tyre Repair Kit) provides a temporary repair to punctured tyres up to and including 16″ tyres. The temporary repair will get a motorist home or to a garage without the need for tools or wheel changes.

In the aerosol canister is a 50 -50 mix of a propellant gas and a water based liquid latex. As the gas is forced into the tyre, it provides, depending on the tyre, up to 30 -38psi for re-inflation of the tyre. The liquid latex provides a temporary seal to the puncture.

Once the contents of the canister has been completely emptied into the deflated tyre, motorists should drive for 6-12 miles, not exceeding 30mph, to help the liquid latex uniformly coat the inside of the tyre.

At this 6-12 mile point, the tyre pressure should also be checked, it case it needs adjusting. This can of course be done at a petrol forecourt. However, the Ring Emergency Tyre Repair Kit is equipped with a tyre pressure gauge and air compressor for accurate maintenance of the tyre pressure. Ring’s Emergency Tyre Repair Kit provides all the necessary equipment needed to be prepared for a flat or punctured tyre.

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V-Tech UK Celebrates its 10th Anniversary In The Industry

V-Tech UK is celebrating its 10th Birthday this November and would like to share this celebration with their customers by giving an insight into V-Tech’s journey from the very beginning to present day.

mot workshop gscan-vtechFormed in 2002, V-Tech quickly gained a strong clientele that has given the company rapid development. Today they are one of the leading automotive equipment companies. Hosting an exceptional range of professional workshop products that are backed by dedicated service and support to their customers. V-Tech are approved suppliers by GEA and SIRA certified and IMI accredited. This company has the knowledge and approval from many authorities giving them the edge in such a competitive industry.

A company with this many years service inherits many traits including trust, loyalty and good business. V-Tech’s young and vibrant team have always found new ways to lead the field in marketing the latest tools and equipment.

Having been in the automotive equipment industry 10 years, V-Tech has become one of the leading suppliers in Europe. Service & Support has always been the key factor to their business, even more so than sales which is why V-Tech has dedicated in-house departments to deal with various enquiries efficiently.

V-Tech UK now invite you to celebrate with them by joining their Facebook page, which enables you to the fantastic one time only offers.

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Check your battery condition with Gunson’s new dial type battery tester

If your car battery has detachable cell caps and you have access to the battery electrolyte (acid), the new Gunson dial type Battery Tester (part number 77104) offers a quick and easy solution to checking both state of charge and battery condition.

mot workshop gunson batteryIdeal for classic cars, and suitable for 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries. The specific gravity of the electrolyte is measured and if in the red zone, then charge the battery. As all battery cells are measured, then faulty or dead cells are easily spotted and indicate that battery replacement is required.

Best part is the price: amazing value and available now for a typical price of £4.99 but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from our website

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Sell Premium Quality Batteries –They Cost Less than a Tank of Fuel

It is prudent to supply and fit the best battery you can. Budget batteries are fine for older cars without any electrical consumers but there are less of those on the roads today.

mot workshop banner batteriesAlways remember that cars that only make short journeys such as three or four miles to work and back every day or just local shopping trips need high spec batteries as the alternator is not having time to put anything back in and in extremes of temperature the Air Con is on with the heater blowing hot or cold, if it’s raining the wipers are on and the demisters, then in winter the headlights are on both ways.

The motorist always wants value for money but does require the vehicle to start on demand and to those that say “the car is only worth £500 so I need cheap parts” The correct reply is “Just as with fuel, the car cannot function without a battery and it costs less than a tank of fuel to buy a good battery. No one can buy half price petrol or diesel because their car is not worth much!”

Most outlets selling and fitting batteries over the last 15 years would never consider recommending a low AH budget battery for a top of the range Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc, acknowledging that the presence of power consuming luxury specifications demands a high performance, OE quality replacement.

Today, these power consuming specifications (air conditioning, electrically operated windows, central locking, intruder alarms, satnav, onboard computers, etc.) are not considered to be luxuries and are fitted by most car manufacturers, even on their smaller models. A modern Skoda Fabia or Fiat 500 has as many, if not more, high power consumers than a 2001 BMW. However because they are small cars, many are still being fitted with inadequate low AH budget batteries as replacements.

Low AH leads to deeper discharge, which cannot cope with the higher power demands of modern vehicles. These budget batteries go flat more often, especially on low mileage cars, leading to lasting battery damage, warranty disputes and disgruntled customers.

To deal with increased power demands, battery makers have developed advanced performance technology. Typical are the Banner Power Bull and Power Bull PROfessional calcium / calcium technology batteries now being fitted by leading car manufacturers.

Progressive legislation and limits imposed on emissions have lead to further innovations typified by Stop/Start systems. Here again huge demands have been made on battery manufactures. These have been successfully reached. An example being the Banner Running Bull AGM and EFB stop/start ranges. Stop/Start system failure almost inevitably turns out to be the result of incorrect replacement battery choice.

The problem seems to be that motorists and the replacement market have not yet realised that batteries are now a critical component part of today’s high specification vehicles – The correct choice of battery is vital.

Correct fitting is also essential and fewer and fewer motorists want to fit their own, as it is no longer always a simple procedure – so this a potential growth area for trade businesses.

Need advice on battery replacement?
Contact Banner Batteries (GB)
Tel: 01889 571100

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