MOT Workshop 41– Equipment Review: ATLs

From MOT Testing Magazine No. 74, August 2012.

Straightset’s Andrew Bates offers a perspective.

The most expensive item in your MOT bay is the premises. And the next most expensive item when operating an MOT bay item is the cost of staff. Over 10 years one Tester costs about £250,000. That’s a lot of money no matter how you look at it. Yet equipment costs come a poor third place which is what we’re looking at here.

Right building – right equipment

So what do you need for an ATL? With new premises the minimum dimensions must comply with VOSA’s specifications. But a new build project to those dimensions is short sighted, and asking for trouble, and will limit your future choices. Exceeding those minimum requirements gives a wider choice of equipment, with more flexibility in your purchase.

Get good advice from someone you trust who knows what they are talking about – it’s usually free from the supplier. Also ensure the bay you buy is appropriate for the vehicles you mostly MOT Test, and right for your business. And don’t forget to ask the landlord if you can dig holes in the floor! Remember, headroom, doorways and gates leading into your premises all ‘factor-in’ to get an approval.

An ATL upgrade?

If you’re upgrading to an ATL, usually you will be required to alter the positions of your equipment to current standards. Don’t be put off by building works – usually about 10%-25% of equipment cost. And remember, there is a GOLDEN rule: Whatever you do; don’t buy, or alter anything until you’ve got VOSA ‘Approval’. They prefer it if you consult with them rather than you putting them in the awkward position of having to approve what you have done as a fait accomplis – they just don’t like it!

‘Approved’ manufacturer

Always buy from a member of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA). And check out the maintenance costs before you commit. Some companies offer fixed price long term contracts. Be sure they can deliver and you can cancel without a penalty.

The right buying decision will reap rewards for many years to come. The wrong one could cost far more in lost revenue/profit and staff morale than the original price of the equipment.

Andrew Bates is the Sales Director of Straightset Ltd
Tel: 01909 480055

MOT Testing Magazine Product Review

Actia Muller (UK) Ltd.

Actia-Muller ATLBilanmatic 8000Mx is claimed by Actia Muller to be an especially flexible ATL. The 8000Mx is now a Class 4, 7 & motorcycle Brake Tester, a Shock Absorber Diagnostic Tool, a Side Slip Gauge, a Diagnostic PC, an Exhaust Gas Analyser, a Diesel Smoke Meter and also, a Hand-Held Tester. At the heart of a modern workshop, or linked to a group’s central server, 8000mx can offer daily efficiency reports, pass/fail statistics, equipment health checks and issue calibration reminders to users and service providers. Bilanmatic 8000mx: a very broad capability.
Price: POA
Contact: Simon Stone
Tel: 01686 611177 Fax: 01686 621068
E-mail.  Web.

MOT Workshop Magazine MOT Workshop Magazine

Bradbury Equipment

Bradbury-ATLsBradbury Equipment offer the most comprehensive range of VOSA approved Test Equipment in the UK. Features include SHORTEST and NARROWEST (4295mm platform length – 2750mm). LONGEST LIFT (6100mm platform Lift). SHALLOWEST LIFT (130MM RECESS) and NOW the HEAVIEST (6.5 Tonne Capacity) 5 YEAR ALL INCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE PACKAGE NOW AVAILABLE.

Price: POA
Tel: 01604 828648 Fax: 01604 609684
E-mail.  Web.
Distribution: Network of distributors

MOT Workshop Magazine MOT Workshop Magazine

Branchflowers UK

Branchflowers ATLBRANCHFLOWERS UK offers a complete service to guide you from drawing stage to full installation. LWB – 4 Post-Scissor Lift and Pit options are available. The full package includes Lift with Shaker Plates & Turntables-Electronic Brake Tester with automatic weighing-Computerised Data Control with Gas & Smoke analyser-Jacking Beam-Headlight Aligner-Viewing Mirrors and Brake Pedal applicator. There’s a Motor Cycle MOT Test rig option. NEW to our range. Class VII package with 6.5 ton / 6.2m platform, Lift and ‘FIT IT Yourself’ Class IV & Class VII  VOSA approved complete Pits.

Price: No Deposit finance available from only £111.13 pw
Contact: Geoff Branchflower
Tel. 01823 666665 Fax. 01823 666683
E-mail.  Web.
Distribution: Full UK distribution

MOT Workshop Magazine MOT Workshop Magazine

Crypton Ltd

Crypton-Tech-4-Post-LiftCrypton have been suppliers of equipment to the automotive industry for over 90 years and pride themselves on flexible solutions. The company supplies Pit Lanes, and both 4 Post and Scissor lift options to garages and work with customers from drawing, to installation, to the sign off with VOSA. Crypton Automatic Test Lanes are completely integrated products, meaning they can be bought as add-ons to existing packages, or as complete kits. Optional extras include jacking beams, headlamp aligners and brake testers, all of which meet with VOSA’s approval standards.

Price: POA Contact: Sales Dept
Tel: 0844 665 7613 Fax: 0844 665 7604
E-mail.  Web.
Distribution: Bespoke system with offloading facility.

MOT Workshop Magazine MOT Workshop Magazine

Codi International Ltd.

CODI International ATLCodi International supply MOT Testing equipment covering all classes including Automated Test Lane and One Person Testing Lanes. All ATL equipment is VOSA approved and includes a range of lifts, brake testers, play detectors, headlamp aligners and required ancillary products such as mirrors etc. Most equipment is also suitable for OPTL upgrades on existing sites. They offer a low profile 4 post lift designed to fit into existing lift recesses. Codi also offers a design and advisory service, product training and full back up and calibration service.

Price: POA
Contact: Ian Bullen
Tel: 01291 689427 Fax: 01291 689499
E-mail.  Web.

MOT Workshop Magazine MOT Workshop Magazine

Dunlop Garage Equipment Ltd

Dunlop-ATLDunlop Garage Equipment say they are a major provider of ATL Bays in the U.K. They offer a complete package including free site surveys, free VOSA drawings, delivery (with off –loading facilities), installation, and civil and electrical works. Dunlop claim to offer a wide range of solutions for your ATL Bay including lifts with various platform lengths and options to suit most existing recesses. They also offer OPTL upgrades and PIT applications. Dunlop suggests that their brand offers value for money without compromising quality.

Price: Subject to site survey
Contact: Sales Dept
Tel: 01604 828 557 Fax: 01604 633 159
E-mail.  Web.
Distribution: Weekly Nationwide delivery

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