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• Technique Rotary Lifts
• Save Time and Money, keep your customers coming back!
• Butts are now manufacturing their own re-gritting kits

• Steel Seal Wins Groupauto G-Logix Supplier Of The Year 2012 Award
• Get a grip and spark of interest with two new tools from Britool Expert
• The Numbers Game – Print your own number plates
• The AVL DiCom 4000
• Handy and Convenient Automotive Fuse Tester
• Quality finger ratchet set makes light work of difficult to access fasteners

It’s all in the technique!

technique liftTrade Garage Equipment the UK’s premier garage equipment specialist and the main distributors for Rotary Lift, the world’s leading lift technology and manufacturing company, is launching a new range of technically advanced, guaranteed quality garage equipment.

Ian Leatherland, equipment specialist for Trade Garage Equipment, introduced the first product from the new range. “It’s all in the technique, the correct and most efficient way to do things which guarantees success.


The new range of ‘technique’ equipment is based around this philosophy and the first product to be launched is the ’technique’ t1001 lift. Developed and built for Trade Garage Equipment by Rotary lift, we think the the 3.5 tonne capacity t1001, is the most cost effective entrance into the world of two post, hydraulic lifts.

Simple and quick to use, this is an open topped lift with compact dimensions, it has a multipartite supporting arms design and an ergonomic control which ensure an efficient technique operation in the garage workshop.

The t1001 lifting columns feature maintenance-free high pressure hydraulic cylinders, the electro-hydraulic design also provides for low noise and effective working.

Maximum safety

The mechanical safety latch integrated on both columns, locks the lift carriage in position in emergency situations, ensuring maximum safety and the manual control is by a conventional two-hand operation. The three-stage front and rear supporting arms are automatically locked in position during the lifting operation and once the lift has been completely lowered, this interlock is automatically released.

Ease of use

The very narrow spacing between the locking positions and a manual unlocking function enhances the ease of use. The low height is perfect in case of low ceiling heights, the overall height is just 3,160mm, the overall width of the columns is 3,320mm and the space between the columns is 2688mm.

The ‘technique’ t1001 joins the wide range of lifts including the world-renowned Rotary two-  and four-post lifts, scissor lifts and in-ground lifts available exclusively from Trade Garage Equipment who are the specialists for vehicle lifts in the UK.

Buyer’s Guide

All lift variations are featured in the Trade Garage Equipment ‘Buyer’s Guide’ which is free from ‘Trade Garage Equipment’ members throughout the UK.

Or ‘talk to the experts’ 01509 506680 or contact email

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Save Time and Money, keep your customers coming back!

zend-text8The process of reminding motorists that their MOT is required can be very tedious and costly. However it is one of the critical tasks needed to retain customers. Imagine you have a list of 100 customers per month to remind them about their MOT renewal. That is a lot of letters or calls! 

Zend UK online service specialise in an automated text reminder service for MOT Garages.

It takes less than 5 minutes to schedule hundreds of personalised reminders, costing less than 5p per text. The monthly fee to use the platform is £20. The platform can be securely accessed from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, providing flexibility and convenience to hard-working garage owners and staff.  Also, you won’t be just a number. The automated text reminder will always incorporate your business.

Testimonial: “Since we started using the Zend UK text reminder service, we have had an over 80% return rate of our customers. Some customers come into our garage and thank us specifically for reminding them! The service is brilliant.”
Mervyn, Bancroft Garage, London E1

These days how many things can you give to your customer for free? How about something like a quick text reminder that will give you peace of mind and save them a £1000 fine and also increase the chance to call you to book their MOT and Service?’

Set up is simple. Zend will help schedule your first year’s customer MOT reminders for free when for new sign up for a year contract.

Contact Jane: 07989917426 or see the Zend website

motw MOT Workshop Magazine

Butts are now manufacturing their own re-gritting kits using a proven specification for guaranteed results.

Kits are available for all classes of roller brake tester.

Use the kit to keep your keep your roller brake tester in best working order.

Regritting can be effected with the rollers in situ – no need to remove them or pay for a company to provide exchange rollers.

Every kit uses the same ‘minimix’ formula which allows customers to effect successful repairs by patching a roller brake tester as well as a full re grit if necessary.

Minimix means that the kit can be used time and time again over a number of years without losing performance.

The advanced formulation of the kit ensures that the repair can be effected within 24 hours.

Butts suggest using the Butts re gritting kit to save you money and keep you testing!

Butts say stock always available for next day delivery.

Phone the Butts sales office for further information.

motw MOT Workshop Magazine

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