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Exol Lubricants unveils Optima LSV 5W-30

optimalsv5w-30 MOT Workshop Tools and EquipmentNext generation engine oil sets new performance standards

Exol Lubricants has launched Optima LSV 5W-30, a new generation fully-synthetic engine oil, which is approved by Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG).
The super multi-grade engine oil is formulated using the latest developments in synthetic technology and this, coupled with the most up to date advancements in additive chemistry, is designed to set new standards in engine oil performance over extended oil drain intervals.
In addition to outstanding performance at high and low temperatures, Optima LSV 5W-30 includes Exol’s low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulphur) additive technology to ensure effective emission and pollution control, thereby minimising environmental damage.
Optima LSV 5W-30 is formulated to meet the latest VW 504.00 and VW 507.00 specifications making it an ideal choice for nearly all models from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Optima LSV 5W-30 ensures that a very high level of engine cleanliness is maintained along with the best possible protection of components.
Optima LSV 5W-30 is available in bulk road tanker deliveries, 205 litre barrels, 25 litre drums and five litre cans.
For more information on Exol Lubricants, please contact Mark Field on
Tel: 07825 410 998 or email

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Four into one does go

e111115b MOT Workshop tools and equipmentLeading mid-priced tool brand, Britool Expert, launches a range of ratcheting wrenches – each one capable of handling four different-sized fasteners.

Ratcheting wrenches are in common use today, and with good reason. These handy tools facilitate speedy turning of fasteners in the majority of situations and are particularly useful when working in tight spaces.

Britool Expert, however, believes there is always room for improvement. With this in mind, the brand has developed a new range which aims to help mechanics and technicians in two ways. Firstly, by saving time spent on the job, and secondly by reducing the number of tools needed in the inventory. Both of which make a substantial contribution to financial savings.

The improvements are rooted in the double-ring arrangement. Instead of using traditional single sized insert at each end of the wrench, Britool Expert’s clever 4-in-1 design offers two dual-sized inserts instead. The result is that when the need arises, one fastener size can be quickly switched for another by simply flipping the wrench over, providing users with four size options from just one tool. The depth increase over single-size inserts is marginal, ensuring manoeuvrability and storage are not compromised.

Available individually or in a set of three, supplied in a tool roll (product code E111115B), in sizes 8-10 / 12-13 mm, 9-11 / 14-15 mm and 16-17 / 18-19 mm, the new wrenches also feature a reverse-mechanism switch built into the handle. This allows the ratcheting direction to be quickly changed when required. To ensure maximum durability, all wrenches in the range are chrome-finished.

List price for the E111115B set is £68.13 plus VAT.

Paul Woolley, UK Marketing Manager for Britool Expert, says, “Mechanics and technicians can now tackle four different fastener sizes with just one wrench, speeding up repair time considerably and reducing inventory costs. An added benefit, of course, is that they will have less tools to carry.”

To find out more, visit

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gemco MOT Workshop Tools and EquipmentGemco Equipment Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stenhøj group from Denmark, are pleased to announce the formation of a brand new division within the company that will specialise in providing building and electrical works direct to customers. Although these services which include MOT/ATF Lanes, brake tester recesses, floor markings etc are already available from Gemco, they have always been provided by approved subcontractors.

This decision is part of Gemco’s strategy to provide customers with a total automotive workshop solution and this unique offering enables Gemco to fulfil this requirement with the added bonus of minimised downtime and workshop disruption.

Wayne Thomas, Chief Executive for both Gemco Equipment and Service commented, “We have seen an increased demand within the industry for this service and I am delighted with our decision which I know will be beneficial to customers of all types including independents, workshops, fastfits, dealer groups and MOT/ATF stations.”

For more information visit our website

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Schumacher UK gives batteries a boost

schumacher MOT Workshop tools and equipmentBattery charging and maintenance expert Schumacher UK is offering garages and motor professionals a series of new battery booster packs.

The PBI range of booster packs, which offer fast and safe charging, is being launched by Schumacher UK.

Schumacher UK also offers the PBI 1812 booster pack, which can be used on all types of vehicles, from cars to speedboats.

Schumacher UK’s other products include Schumacher ‘SpeedCharge’ battery chargers, which are designed to provide the fastest, safest and smartest battery charging solutions.

The company, which has the motto ‘Faster, Smarter, Safer’, has been designing and manufacturing battery chargers and associated equipment in the USA since 1947.

For further information, call Schumacher UK on 01278 459293, or email

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