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• ATA Light Vehicle Inspection – the VOSA approved route to becoming an MOT Tester
• ATA Fast Fit moves with the times
• The IMI Launches Automotive Jobs Website

Mac Tools impact wrench goes wireless
• Facom brings forward its wind back tool
• We don’t let the dust settle!
• Facom’s heavy-duty torque wrench now available with a socket set


ATA Light Vehicle Inspection – the VOSA approved route to becoming an MOT Tester

MOT Workshop Magazine ata logoThe Institute of the Motor Industry’s (IMI) ATA Light Vehicle Inspection accreditation provides skilled technicians aspiring to be an MOT Tester with a VOSA approved entry route to becoming an Authorised Examiner.

ATA Light Vehicle Inspection is ideally suited for technicians who carry out servicing and vehicle inspections that wish to progress their careers by becoming an MOT Tester.

The ATA accreditation focuses on Class IV and VII vehicle inspection and is achieved by passing a combination of knowledge and practical skill tests that measure an individual’s performance against a set of key industry skills.

ATA gives light vehicle inspection technicians proof of their current technical competence and ethical responsibility, as well as the recognition and enhanced status of being automatically included on the IMI’s new public-facing Professional Register which can be viewed at

MOT Workshop Magazine imi logoATA also benefits businesses by providing increased customer confidence through employing Professionally Registered Technicians who are committed to an ethical code of conduct. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of vehicles and a shortage of skilled individuals, there has never been a greater need for skilled competent vehicle inspection technicians.

To find out more visit or call 01992 511521

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 ATA Fast Fit moves with the times

IMI has announced that ATA Fast Fit and Fast Fit Service Technician are the latest IMI accreditation to receive an update to reflect the latest developments in vehicle technology. The IMI will replace the Fast Fit Technician levels 1 and 2 accreditations with two unique level 2 accreditations, the first aimed at mobile fast fit technicians and the second at fast fit centre technicians. The changes are due to the increasing skill levels needed in order to service modern vehicles.

The IMI has indentified the increased use of diagnostic equipment and developments in four wheel alignment technologies as major areas which have influenced the new look accreditations. These developments have come alongside the increased availability of technologies which were once confined to the prestige segment.

Companies involved in the redevelopment and piloting of the new ATA Fast Fit accreditation, which was part funded by UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UK CES), included Formula 1 Auto Centres, Kwikfit and ATS Euro Master. Anyone undertaking ATA Fast Fit accreditation, for the first time or for reaccreditation, will need to be aware of new skills requirements in the assessment process from October 2013 onwards.

IMI Accreditation Manager Ian Gillgrass commented:

“The changes to ATA Fast Fit are illustrative of the challenges facing the whole automotive sector. No matter what your level or area of speciality, you will find yourself facing a rapid onrush of technological developments in modern vehicles. These developments have pushed the skill needs of the fast fit sector to new levels which needed to be reflected in our accreditations.”

You can find out more about ATA fast fit on the IMI’s dedicated ATA website at All ATA accredited individuals are also now listed on the IMI’s Professional Register as an additional benefit.

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 The IMI Launches Automotive Jobs Website

MOT Workshop Magazine imi-jobs-logoThe Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has added a new automotive specific jobs website “IMI Jobs” to its suite of career resources. The new website aims to be a one stop shop for individuals looking to enter or further their careers in the motor industry and also provides a platform for automotive companies looking to advertise roles directly to individuals with automotive experience.

IMI Jobs will run alongside and complement the IMI’s careers website, which currently includes resources and communities for automotive apprentices as well as young people looking to enter the motor industry. The IMI also hopes that its’ jobs website will provide a logical place for individuals on the Professional Register to research their next career move.

Speaking about the launch of IMI Jobs, IMI CEO Steve Nash commented:

“As a key player in the automotive retail sector and the only professional body for individuals working in the industry, it seems logical that the IMI should also be the place to go for automotive jobs and careers. We already have a significant presence in the sector in terms of careers information, advice and guidance, so it was an obvious decision for us to extend this to provide job listings for people looking to enter the industry or further their careers.

IMI jobs will also give us the opportunity to provide a further service to the sector in terms of helping companies to advertise vacancies and getting the right people to fill their recruitment needs.”

IMI Jobs can be found at and already boasts over 4000 jobs listings specific to the automotive sector.

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Mac Tools impact wrench goes wireless

Mac Tools announces the launch of its brand new 18 volt 1/2 inch drive cordless impact wrench.

MOT Workshop Magazine mac 18v-impactbw050Cordless power tools offer many advantages over electric and air-driven versions and Mac Tools’ new BWP050 is no exception. This powerful 18 volt 1/2 inch drive impact wrench allows automotive and industrial professionals to carry out a host of operations without being tied to an electrical outlet or air line. As well as allowing users to work in distant or otherwise inaccessible areas, this freedom of movement means savings in time and equipment costs by avoiding the need for extension leads, compressors and hoses.

Utilising sister company DEWALT’s advanced XR lithium-ion battery and charger technology, the BWP050’s high-tech impact mechanism packs a powerful punch, delivering 983 Nm of maximum loosening torque. As well as ensuring plenty of power is available, Mac Tools has incorporated a raft of useful features:

• Hog ring socket retainer to keep sockets secured to the wrench
• Feather teasing trigger for optimal speed regulation
• Intelligent switch technology to avoid motor and battery overload
• One-handed forward/reverse switch located close to the trigger
• Automatic LED light to illuminate the work area
• Bumpers integrated into housing to protect the impact wrench and work surfaces
• Ergonomic oil and acid resistant rubber overlay on the handle for maximum comfort
• 3 year warranty on the tool

Ideal for wheel changing, general automotive use and industrial maintenance, the Mac Tools BWP050 cordless impact wrench comes complete with a tough carry case, 2 x 3.0 Ah 18 volt lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger with energy and charge level indicators.

List price is £599 plus VAT.

Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for Mac Tools, says, “Our global R&D teams have worked hard to incorporate valuable features into our cordless tools, such as higher torque in reverse, improved plastics for harsh environments and quick changing systems for sockets, without compromising their durability and robustness. The new BWP050 has been built to the highest specifications and offers our customers in the production, industrial maintenance and automotive sectors a powerful, convenient and reliable cordless impact wrench, suitable for a wide range of applications.”

Mac Tools products are available from all regional Mac Tools mobile distributors.
To find out more, visit

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Facom brings forward its wind back tool

MOT Workshop Magazine facom-dfFacom, Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturer, launches an updated version of one of its best-selling automotive tools, the DF.17-100A air-driven brake caliper wind back kit.

Comprising a pneumatic cylinder and a set of adapters, which cover the majority of European cars, the kit allows mechanics to return the brake piston into the caliper quickly and easily to provide clearance when fitting new brake pads. Pistons may be pushed back in clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

Originally launched with six adapters, the latest version of the DF.17-100A includes three additional adapters to cover the Iveco Daily, Renault Laguna II Scenic and Renault Master III. The existing Renault and Citroen adapters have also been updated to encompass the latest models.

Supplied in a sturdy case, with a comprehensive set of instructions, the DF.17-100A makes light work of a job that, without the appropriate tools, is virtually impossible, or at best, can be extremely time consuming.

Alison Howard, Facom Marketing Manager, says, “With vehicle manufacturers continuously launching new models, often featuring redesigned components, it is hugely important for us to ensure that our specialist tools are still current. Brake calipers are a good example. Our new caliper wind back kit has been brought right up to date and will save time and improve efficiency in any workshop that services and repairs modern European cars.”

List price for the DF.17-100A is £171.21

For more information on Facom or to find your local stockist visit

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 We don’t let the dust settle!

MOT Workshop Magazine trade sacatecTrade Garage Equipment Limited the UK’s premier garage equipment specialist, has been appointed exclusive distributor for Europe’s leading extraction and de-polluting system manufacturers SACATEC.

Based in France, SACATEC has designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of systems for more than 50 years.

Thomas Galtie of SACATEC explains how the association with ‘Trade’ developed:

“We are delighted to have appointed Trade Garage Equipment Limited our exclusive Distributors here in the UK, we choose ‘Trade’ because they are a ‘go ahead’, quality driven organisation and have the same positive service approach to customers as we have. They are a specialist garage equipment company with unrivalled experience, importantly they are also a nationwide organisation but with strategically located  operation companies to ensure their customers get a first class local service at all times.

We are now heavily involved with them on several projects from small independent garages right up to the largest, auto distributorship, green field sites’ etc and are looking forward to quickly growing our business together.

MOT Workshop Magazine sacatec-trade-2Our company aim at SACATEC is to increase customer’s productivity and reduce the maintenance cost of their workshop and garage areas by ensuring the protection of technicians, mechanics and operators in their working environment. Being the leading players in this field, we are able to effectively capture the polluting particles and gases etc at the source and avoid any energy waste (including heating) and contaminated air mix and all in accordance with international standards”.

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Facom’s heavy-duty torque wrench now available with a socket set

Facom now offers a comprehensive multi-drive set with its 1/2 inch torque wrench.

MOT Workshop Magazine facom-socketsFacom’s S.208-200EA torque wrench is ideal for situations where a sturdy wrench is required to apply precise torque at high levels. A prime example in the automotive sector is changing a wheel. Under-tightening or over-tightening wheel nuts can create a number of problems: too loose and they may come off; too tight and damage to the wheel can occur – this is especially true with alloy wheels. Over-tightening, of course, can also make removal of wheels difficult in future. A 1/2 inch torque wrench is also a staple in a number of industrial environments where a greater degree of robustness is required than that offered by smaller models. The S.208-200EA ensures that components are fastened with the correct amount of pressure every time and makes an audible click that can be both felt and heard, indicating that the selected torque level has been set.

Weighing just 1.22 Kg, this heavy-duty 1/2 inch model boasts a wide torque range of 40 – 200 Nm, lending itself to a variety of applications. Accurate to + or – 4% with locking vernier micrometer adjustment, high levels of precision and functionality are assured. The addition of a 72-tooth ratchet mechanism with 5° increments allows the user to operate the wrench effectively and with economy of movement, even in confined spaces.

Compliant with ISO6789 and EN26789, the S.208-200EA is ideal for use in professional environments with ISO9000 certification.
Making the torque wrench an even more attractive purchase, is the inclusion of a 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch drive socket and Torx driver bit set (RSX.19APB) worth £141.29. The set includes:

• 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30, 40 mm Resistorx heads
• 245, 250, 255mm Torx heads
• E6, E7, E8, E10, E14, E16, E18, E20 Torx sockets
• 1/4 inch & 1/2 inch drive standard spring-clip bit holder

Alison Howard, Facom Marketing Manager, says, “Our 1/2 inch torque wrench is strong and accurate without being cumbersome. The 72-tooth mechanism and relatively light weight compared to similar models on the market make it incredibly effective in environments where space is restricted. The addition of the Torx socket set really adds to the value and is sure to become a firm favourite with our customers.

List price for the S208-200EA including socket set is £375 + VAT.

For more information on Facom or to find your local stockist visit

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