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• Technique T2120 gives you the balance of power!
• Alignment equipment secures distant customers

Stretchy belt fitting kit for Ford and Volvo 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines
• Speedy dual-feed brake bleeding from Laser Tools
• Zend UK launches a new automated self-service booking system




Technique T2120 gives you the balance of power!

The Technique T2520 Tyre Changer
The Technique T2120 Wheel BalancerTrade Garage Equipment claim to have now established themselves as leaders in the garage equipment world and as main distributors for several of the world’s leading brands including Rotary Lift, the foremost lift manufacturer, they have established strong design, development and manufacturing ties with these outstanding companies.

Stefan Bullworthy ‘Trades’ spokesman outlines the details of the latest product addition. “The rapidly growing portfolio of trade approved ‘Technique’ garage equipment products has been enhanced further with the launch of the new and powerful trade approved Technique T2120 wheel balancer.”

An advanced, high performance, durable and heavy duty construction balancer with a premium specification, this model boasts an impressive 3D data input, with automatic entry of offset, width and diameter being achieved via an inner and outer measuring arm. The colour TFT display provides ‘live’ readings, with imbalance positions highlighted in the impressive graphics which make the hidden weight placement (or SPLIT function) easier than ever for the operator to carry out!

The cabinet offers an imposing presence in the work place, with a modern ergonomic design, good capacity for easy selection weight storage and with an additional storage facility on the side for other weights, cones or accessories.

The Technique T2120 balancer
makes an ideal companion for the recently introduced T2520 Professional, Super Automatic, leverless Tyre Changer and we have special introductory offers now on these and other products in the range.

To find out more information please call 01509 506680 or contact:,
or view the offers on

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Alignment equipment secures distant customers

A Hunter HawkEye Elite TD wheel alignment system from Pro-Align is helping Franks Automotive Services, a new MOT, service and repair workshop in Peterborough, gain an enviable reputation, as well as customers from far and wide locations.

Established as a completely new business in new premises at the start of 2013, owner Frank Di Lustro realised that extra revenue could be generated from the many cars coming through his workshop that needed their wheel alignment corrected.

Already aware of the profit opportunities available through wheel alignment, Frank set about researching the market further and attended several product demonstrations before quickly deciding that the Hunter Elite TD system was without comparison.

Commenting on his decision to opt for the Hunter system, which was installed in July last year, Frank said: “It’s completely unrivalled in terms of its speed and accuracy but probably more importantly it’s so easy to use. Anybody can use it and in our eyes, it really is the best equipment out there.”

The aligner now sits in a dedicated bay within the workshop and is used by Frank and one other technician who find it very simple to use. In its first year of use, it has been completely fault-free.

As well as helping Frank generate extra revenue from existing MOT and service customers, an unexpected bonus of the equipment has been that due to its good reputation, many people now hunt them out and travel from as far away as Cambridge for an alignment service.

“It’s wonderful to see a new business doing so well and knowing that we’ve played an important part of that success,” comments Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. “This is great proof that placing alignment at the heart of your workshop, can help you develop an enviable reputation and, more importantly, extra business. We wish Frank and his team ongoing success.”To find out more about the Elite TD system or other innovative wheel servicing solutions in the Hunter range, visit or call 01327 323007 to arrange a demonstration.

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Stretchy belt fitting kit for Ford and Volvo 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines

laser image
This new stretchy belt fitting kit from Laser Tools (part number 5919) is designed to be used where universal tools will not work due to the double width crankshaft pulley that restricts access, found on Ford 1.4 and 1.6 (Focus, C-Max, Mondeo) and Volvo 1.6 (S40, C30, V50) petrol engines.

One component of the kit clips over the crankshaft pulley to guide the belt, the other component fits over the water pump pulley and is simply rotated with a 17mm socket to stretch the belt around this pulley until it is located correctly on all the pulleys.

A terrific timesaver that should be in every vehicle technician’s toolbox priced at just £59.90 (price + VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.More details from

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 Speedy dual-feed brake bleeding from Laser Tools

brake bleeder
Having difficulty bleeding twin brake calipers or multi-piston calipers with a bleed nipple each side? Laser Tools has the solution. Sometimes when bleeding one nipple at a time air can be trapped when the nipple is lower than the pipe or channel feeding the other piston or caliper. With the dual-feed brake bleeder, part no: 5780, the fluid is drawn out through both bleed nipples together, pulling trapped air and old fluid straight out.

This is particularly useful when working on motorcycles equipped with twin front calipers or brake calipers fitted with multiple bleed nipples (often found on competition multi-piston calipers).
Standard workshop compressed air is used to generate an internal vacuum and brake bleeding becomes a one man operation — it is also a terrific timesaver.

Available now at a typical price of £45.60 (+ VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.
More details from and watch the video on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

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