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• IMI looks to build on apprenticeship growth in the automotive sector
• Tyre fitters – protect your hearing with the Silent Tyre Deflator from Laser Tools

• Trade Approved customer guarantee!
• The Motorcycle MOT stand from R S Equipment is the perfect solution for all Motorcycle MOT Test stations
• Bosch announces new range of fast, effective and profitable tyre changers
• Green alternative to WD-40 now available in the UK
• New Stertil Koni duo simplifies hub and caliper removal

IMI looks to build on apprenticeship growth in the automotive sector

apprentice-training-2IMI has launched a new apprentice return on investment (ROI) calculator which will help employers and training providers make a strong business case for hiring an apprentice. The calculator makes use of recent data from the IMI’s ROI studies to allow businesses to measure the costs of hiring an apprentice against their own unique business requirements. 2013 saw the first rise in apprenticeship starts since 2010 and the IMI is aiming to use the calculator to drive continued growth in this area.

The IMI’s study found that businesses can expect up to 300% return on investment from hiring an apprentice over a three year period. Furthermore, apprentices who start with no experience typically generated profit within 18 to 24 months – much earlier than was previously assumed. Businesses can now access their own unique forecast for free online and via mobile.

IMI CEO Steve Nash comments:

“Automotive employers must overcome doubts about the financial costs of employing young people if we are to secure a successful future for our sector. IMI’s recent ROI research broke the myth that apprentices cost firms money and overwhelmingly demonstrated that there is a clear and significant financial return. The new calculator allows us to take our research into a business and demonstrate exactly how this relates to their unique situation.

Apprenticeships are currently a hot topic within government, with parties competing to develop viable alternatives to university. The motor industry is in a unique position to benefit from any positive developments. We must not miss the opportunity to draw high quality candidates into automotive careers because of myths about employing young people.”

The calculator is now available through online and via mobile at Managers need only put in a few details from their business and the app instantly tells them how much profit they could generate from each apprentice.

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Tyre fitters – protect your hearing with the Silent Tyre Deflator from Laser Tools

tyre-deflator plusWorking in the tyre fitting industry, hearing loss due to long term exposure from power tools and equipment, but particularly from the noise of air escaping from a deflating tyre, is a real risk. Removing a valve with a normal valve stem removal tool, the high pitched noise of escaping air can be as high as 110 decibels for car tyres and even higher for commercial vehicles. At this level, just 5 minutes per day on unprotected exposure can lead to hearing damage. The new Silent Tyre Deflator from Laser Tools (part number 5936) reduces the noise of escaping air down to 85 decibels or below.

With one handed operation it fits easily onto the tyre valve and removes the valve stem. The inbuilt silencer reduces the noise without increasing the deflation time. A strong and robust tool for the professional tyre fitter, the tool body is made of nylon reinforced with glass fibre.

An essential safety item in this trade, they are available now at a typical price of £45.60 (price + VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.
More details from

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Trade Approved customer guarantee!

trade-approved-certificate-presentation-by-rob-lovesyWith the concern in the market over some manufacturers and suppliers supplying sub-standard garage equipment including MOT and ATL systems, with poor or zero technical backup and companies making shoddy installations, calibrations and not complying with the industry approved standards or having any ongoing technical support, Trade Garage Equipment has recently introduced the ‘Trade Approved’ customers guarantee. Trade Director Rob Lovesy explains what this means, “We provide a Trade Approved customer guarantee for all our equipment and the installations, for single items of equipment, MOT and ATL lanes, right up to the biggest greenfield site projects, start to finish:

  • By GEA Accredited engineers with recognised trade qualifications and regular, scheduled training.
  • Following the GEA Code of Conduct for qualified standards and professionalism.
  • Using the highest quality CE approved products from proven suppliers.
  • To the standards defined by the equipment manufacturers, DVSA and ISO.
  • Honouring all appropriate Health and Safety stipulations and codes of practice.
  • Supported by a programme of manufacturer service and calibration schedules.
  • Advocating an after sales technical care schedule by specifically experienced, product aware service engineers”.
  • “When the customer is happy to sign off the project, Trade Garage Equipment presents the garage or workshop with a certificate to display in their premises, to show and to give confidence to their customers that they have ‘Trade Approved’ garage equipment and installations for their workshops. We see this as a very positive step and are pleased to have Dave Garratt and the Garage Equipment Association’s full support for our initiative”.
  • Trade Garage Equipment are rapidly developing their range of products and services and setting the trade approved standards for UK customers, they will continue working with manufacturers, suppliers and their customers to endorse their leading garage equipment supplier and installer position in the UK.

For more information about how you can become ‘Trade Approved’ or about any installation projects or garage equipment requirements, please call 01509 506680 or contact:,

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The Motorcycle MOT stand from R S Equipment is the perfect solution for all Motorcycle MOT Test stations

ba0207-tech-kitThe stand has a unique feature that allows almost any bike on the market today to be lifted via the swinging arm pivot, eliminating the costly time consuming efforts of removing the fairings. It gives unlimited access to the real wheel and swinging arm for all the mot checks required.

Likewise it enables the front of the bike to be free from obstruction allowing headstock and wheel bearings to be correctly checked.

Complete with the Technicians kit with the various adapters for all models, one man operation and eliminating the need for lots of different paddock stands, this unit is the perfect solution for every workshop and MOT Station.

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Bosch announces new range of fast, effective and profitable tyre changers

tce-4430-1Bosch has enhanced its tyre service equipment range to now provide workshops with the latest generation of tyre changers. The new TCE 4430 and the TCE 4435 cover 95% of all passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles meaning these new machines can make workshops a one-stop-shop for their customers, potentially increasing client retention and bolstering revenue.

Tyre Changers – Fast, effective and profitable

Bosch recognises that tyre related service is a strong business opportunity that workshops can’t afford to ignore. The new generation of tyre changing equipment from Bosch offers workshops a comprehensive range of products that have been designed to be versatile and increase productivity without compromising safety.

Features of the TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 include:

The new TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 pneumatic tilting-back tyre changers provide a workshop with a high speed, high performing yet durable tyre changer suitable for even the toughest UHP and RFT passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Thanks to the addition of a special accessory kit, these new machines are also able to handle motorcycle tyres.

Bosch’s G-Frame concept technology is at the heart of its new tyre changers. This unique and advanced feature increases the rigidity of the machine, reducing the flow of internal forces, avoiding tyre and rim damage while also improving the time it takes to change the tyre. This makes the new machines ideal for high-volume, specialist or dedicated tyre workshops.

tce-4435-2The new machines also feature a 4-point adjustable bead breaker, designed to protect the rim from scratching by avoiding any risk of contact with the metal housing, which is equipped with a quick exhaust valve for faster bead breaking times. This increases the cylinder speed by up to 40 per cent as well as avoiding crushing the tyre excessively.

The shorter stroke of the cylinder reduces the need for air, lowering the compressor’s energy consumption and providing a long-term saving for the workshop. A smoother fit is also ensured by the extreme rigidity of the frame, reducing the need for manual guidance, while the motor automatically slows down and speeds up.

The most stressed part in a tyre changer is the back pole, so Bosch has specifically developed a rugged 140x140mm tilting-back pole and a 100mm diameter back cushioned cylinder. This increases the ease of use to the operator during mounting and demounting, reducing the risk of accidental damage or injury while the electronically controlled motor ensures the optimum mix of power and speed for increased precision and safety.

Fitted with a ‘global standard’ positioned control pedal, the TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 help the operator to avoid misuse, while the 2-speed turntable secures maximum torque at each speed.
Bosch has also developed a tubeless inflating system for the TCE 4435, directly mounted on the turntable jaw, both features are easily controlled by the same pedal, to make the machine as user friendly as possible.

Bosch quality workshops can rely on

Covered under a four year warranty* the TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 have been subjected to extreme testing and development, with multiple machines being put through several lifecycles to prove their reliability of robustness. Every critical component has been tested to provide at least five and a half years of constant peak season use, this is the equivalent of a car having a one million mile lifespan.

Key features of the new TCE 4430 and TCE 4435 include:
• Ability to work on all types of passenger car, light commercial vehicle and motorcycle (with special accessory kit)
• A four jaw opposed clamping system with a maximum external clamping capacity of 22” and a maximum internal clamping capacity of 24”
• A new worldwide standard positioned control pedal designed to avoid misuse or error by the technician
• Integrated tyre inflating system with an enhanced inflating speed 25 per cent faster than its competitors
• Tilting pole with a section of 140x140mm to maximise robustness and rigidity of the most stressed component of a tyre changer
• Tilting pole equipped with a cushioned cylinder that allows fast but smooth movement
• Large area for wheel seating meaning the new housing and the new pole can hold a wheel up to 1.100mm
• Bead breaker pad specifically designed to avoid any contact with the rim to avoid scratching.

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Green alternative to WD-40 now available in the UK

xcp green oneXCP™ takes on WD-40 with a green alternative for the 21st century that outperforms the oil-based market leader*

XCP™ Green One™, a bio-based lubricating and maintenance spray that outperforms* WD-40, is now available across the UK.

With zero reliance on crude oil ingredients, XCP Green One is the UK’s first widely available high-performance spray made from >99% bio-based materials.

Tests have proved it to be up to twice as effective as the traditional market leader in loosening stuck metal parts and increased wear protection:

Because it doesn’t use ingredients derived from crude oil, XCP Green One is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable as well as much safer and cleaner to use around the house and outdoors. XCP Green One also ticks the flammability box and will only start to burn at around 176°C, while the leading competitor brand ignites at just 40°C.

green one-in-action carXCP Green One will have mainstream availability when it hits B&Q shelves from 11 June, with an introductory price lower than the market leader at £4 per 400ml aerosol or £5 per 500ml trigger spray. The product will also be stocked in more than 170 Homebase stores from July and is currently available from

Scott Sutherland from XCP Professional said: “For too long the maintenance spray and lubrication market has been dominated by a product from the 1950s. It’s 2014, and now discerning consumers and professionals can switch to a modern option that both outperforms the market leader and uses bio-based ingredients.

“As much as people want to use environmentally friendly products, many believe that they simply don’t work as well as ‘traditional’ products. We invested years of research and development to prove that you don’t have to compromise on performance by using a high-quality environmentally friendly product.”

XCP Green One shares the same market-leading technology as the rest of the XCP™ Professional range – previously only available in trade markets. This includes the original XCP™ One™, which has been used and recommended by The AA since 2012, and will be stocked alongside XCP Green One at launch.

The XCP Professional range is produced by XCP Corrosion Technologies – a leading global brand specialising in machine maintenance and protection. The company is UK-based and all XCP Professional products are developed and manufactured in the UK.

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New Stertil Koni duo simplifies hub and caliper removal

stertilStertil Koni has launched its innovative Wheel Hub Trolley Jack and Mini Caliper Crane to simplify the removal of wheel hubs and brake calipers in a safe, one-man operation.

In many vehicle workshops, space is often tight which can make wheel hub and brake caliper removals a tricky task. Usually requiring at least two mechanics to ensure the job is done safely, it is a time consuming and physically demanding job. Stertil Koni’s innovative Wheel Hub Trolley Jack and Mini Caliper Jack make the removal and replacement of hubs and calipers faster, easier and, most importantly, safer.

The Wheel Hub Trolley Jack provides a safe lifting capacity of 500kg and is designed for one-man use. Operated by an easy access manual pump handle, the Wheel Hub Trolley Jack features a 360° turning arc which makes height changes simple. It also incorporates a two-way tilt facility, with a lifting head adjustable through 70°, thereby ensuring simple and precise positioning.

Importantly, the jack’s heavy duty wheels spread the lifted load over a wide area so that even when supporting a full load, the jack is easy to manoeuvre.

The Stertil Koni Mini Caliper Crane is specifically designed to make the removal of brake calipers easy, even when working in restricted spaces and on vehicles with difficult or limited access. The crane can be safely used by one person and significantly reduces the chances of workplace injury and strains, as well as damage to the hub seals and components.

“Hub and brake caliper removal has always been a difficult, and sometimes risky job,” says Tony Edge, General Manager of Stertil Koni. “We’ve introduced our new Wheel Hub Trolley Jack and Mini Caliper Crane to make the whole procedure easier and safer. When you’re working on vehicles, especially vans, trucks and HGVs, there’s no place for compromise and, as such, these new products are very worthy additions to our extensive range of garage equipment.”

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