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• New coil spring compressor from Laser Tools
• Tool Light – Shining light into the smallest of areas

A new brake tester and gas analyser in one unit!
• MOT Testing website moves to faster and more secure server as traffic grows
• New Wiper Blades from HELLA
• SF say trust Vetech to light up battery sales
• TMD Friction launches new Pagid App
• The German additive specialist has now improved the formulas for Cera Tec and Motor Protect
• Dura’s new foldaway space-saver workbench
• IMI research reveals consumer attitudes to vehicle servicing

New coil spring compressor from Laser Tools

Suitable for the professional vehicle workshop, safety and ease of use are the big features of this new pneumatic coil spring compressor from Laser Tools (part no 6050) and it fits a wide range of spring configurations and coil diameters.

Conveniently operated with foot controls, when the guard is up the pressure is limited which enables the spring to be positioned correctly to allow fitting of the spring securing hooks. Then drop the guard and full air pressure is delivered to the pneumatic ram which lets the spring be quickly and easily compressed.

A major feature is the ability to fit springs where the coils turn in the opposite direction – the Nissan Qashqai for example – as it makes no difference which way the coils are wound, the securing hooks are easily adjusted and positioned where required.

See the video on the Tool Connection’s YouTube channel:

Available now, typically priced at £1,299.90 (price + VAT), but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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Tool Light – Shining light into the smallest of areas

When working in small, tight areas, it is sometimes difficult to see what you are doing.

To assist mechanics and a host of other tradesmen, Ring has developed the tool light.

Just like cordless drills that come with a light to illuminate work areas, the tool light will fix to a screw driver or spanner, so operators can see what they are doing clearly in close quarter work spaces.

The light comes with a magnetic base to fit securely to the shaft of a screw driver or a spanner.

The Tool light was will automatically light up when attached to any metal surface which is conductive.

The V-Shape magnetic cavity enables the light to be attached to tools with diameter 3mm to 10mm (1/8” – 3/8”).

The two LEDs have a battery life of 8 hours.

Includes batteries.

Suggested Retail Price £3.99.

For further information contact Henry Bisson at Ring Automotive on
0113 2137338 or email

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A new brake tester and gas analyser in one unit!

With the advancements in technology accelerating fast, the market can expect several new and revolutionary products to be available in the near future, all these developments are aimed at improving and making workshops more efficient, more profitable, whilst making all the equipment interact and be simpler to operate.

Ian Leatherland from Trade Garage Equipment introduces a new generation product which is designed for the future but is here right now –  the Technique T8000 combined Brake Tester and Gas Analyser in one unit, featuring touch screen technology options.

“After ongoing research with our customer base, we have liaised with our manufacturing partners to design, develop, manufacture, test and now introduce the revolutionary, trade approved, Technique T8000 Brake Tester and Gas Analyser range. Featuring options for Class i, ii, iv, v light and vii testing and suspension testing and geometry analysis, the efficient T8000 design requires less floor space than any other unit on the market and the innovative totem incorporates the latest USB and wireless connectivity and hosts a multitude of MOT tasks simply and efficiently.”

“The Remote control unit and wireless accessories provide optimal flexibility during operation and the user-friendly touch-screen navigation options on both the Totem Base unit and Hand Held Devise, makes tasks fast and easy.”

“The smooth workflow increases productivity whilst the operating software is secure and processing is faster. The Technique T8000 measures emissions from Petrol and Diesel engines and to complete the impressive list of features, it also allows ease of service and remote engineering access for trade approved service technicians and the service maintenance has been kept simple with interchangeable modules and easy accessibility. The Technique T8000 is designed for the future but is right here, right now.”

The first public viewing will be at the MechanEx show on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th November, at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey.

If you would like to book a demonstration or talk to the garage equipment experts, phone Trade Garage Equipment on
01509 506680 or contact:

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New Wiper Blades from HELLA

Leading edge technology for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

HELLA has launched a new range of conventional and flat wiper blades for passenger cars and commercial vehicles designed to offer better performance and easier fitment.

The new aerodynamically designed Flat Blade uniquely prevents ice build-up in winter due to the joint-less single piece rail which doesn’t have an exposed metal superstructure.

Its design improves reliability and visibility in all weather conditions.

The smoother clearer wipe is delivered by optimal pressure distribution from the integrated steel spine of the blade, and its low profile prevents wind-lift at high speeds providing better contact. The joint-less design also improves durability by eliminating wear and tear resulting from movements of joints and rivets found in traditional blades.

Specially formulated, graphite-coated rubber offers HELLA’s Conventional Wiper Blade advanced thermal resistance and minimal friction between the wiping edge and the windscreen. This makes them smoother and quieter, with longer-lasting performance.

Every blade comes supplied with an adapter – with new one-click adapters supplied with flat blades – which have been specifically designed to replicate the original fitment. A QR code on HELLA’s wiper blade packaging links to a helpful ‘How to Fit’ instruction video for easy installation and HELLA’s online configuration tool, available at, ensures customers can quickly find the wiper blade for their vehicle.

HELLA wiper blades are available in single packs from 13” to 28” for the front windscreen for passenger cars and from 20” up to 40” for the commercial vehicle market.

For more information on HELLA’s wiper blade range please telephone 01295 225600 or email

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GSF say trust Vetech to light up battery sales

GSF Car Parts are launching their all-new Vetech battery programme to UK independent garages this Autumn.

The Vetech Premium Excel battery programme offers 95% UK parc coverage. With all Vetech batteries sourced direct from the world’s leading global OE manufacturers, GSF say they can be trusted to deliver performance, reliability and longevity that far exceeds budget batteries. GSF’s promise is backed up with an impressive 3 years’ warranty.

The other primary brands in GSF’s good-better-best programme are Banner and Bosch. All trade customers can also now benefit from GSF’s pioneering scrap battery service too. The service offers free collection, plus a payment for all old batteries, minimising hassle whilst ensuring scrap batteries are recycled in the most ecologically sustainable way possible.

“The challenge for GSF is to convince people that batteries which look alike, really won’t all perform alike and that quality products repay the fractional price differences many times over,” said Jonny West, Managing Director. “Garages taking time to look into build quality, Amp hour (Ah) and cold cranking amp (CCA) ratings, along with price are realising Vetech offers exceptional value.”

The Vetech Premium Excel range includes today’s superior calcium-calcium battery construction. This ensures excellent power capacity, cold-start performance and reliability. Exceptional build quality includes a hydrometer for easy condition checks, dual gas / liquid separation structure to prevent leakage and ensure safety, as well as high quality active components all within a rugged structure.

New for this year, are two leading Vetech AGM Premium Excel start-stop batteries. These Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries incorporate a pressure relief valve whilst electrolyte in the cell is locked into a fiberglass absorbent glass mat (AGM). The batteries are ‘maintenance free’, with minimal water consumption. They can be deeply discharged more often, without loss of functionality, and deliver over 30% more cranking power to run the latest micro-hybrids.

For trade buying terms on your battery programme, or details of marketing display stands to support sales this winter, please contact your local branch of GSF or telephone 0121 7498801.

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TMD Friction launches new Pagid App

TMD Friction, the world’s largest manufacturer of original equipment (OE) brake friction material for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, has launched a new Pagid App to provide instant access to its latest catalogue.

Designed to help garages and retailers work faster and smarter, the handy free app includes the full range of brake parts available from Pagid, supporting images and technical information, plus the OE part number.

A simple search function enables users to quickly identify the brake parts they need. Once installed, the app requires no manual updates.
Carl Jackson, Director – Business Development IAM at TMD Friction, said: “The new Pagid App is your personal Pagid catalogue. It is a great way for Pagid customers to confirm the parts they need and because it updates automatically, users can be confident that the data is always accurate.”

The Pagid App is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores. Search for “Pagid”

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The German additive specialist has now improved the formulas for Cera Tec and Motor Protect

September 2014 – In addition to developing new products LIQUI MOLY also works on improving its existing products. We have now upgraded our most important wear prevention additives: Cera Tec and Motor Protect. “We were successful in again improving the formulas for these two additives”, said David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development at LIQUI MOLY.

ere already one of the most effective wear protection additives previously,” continued David Kaiser, “better is ever better.” The new formulas have made these two additives even more effective.

Both Cera Tec and Motor Protect are high-tech additives. Motor Protect contains so-called friction modifiers to provide chemical protection against engine wear. Its effective ingredients deposit on the metal surfaces, smoothing the surface structure and forming a reactive coating to reduce direct metal-to-metal contact. Cera Tec also provides double protection. It also contains substances for chemical as well as physical protection: Minute ceramic particles act as a solid lubricant, allowing the metal to slide particularly well. The particles are so tiny that that they easily pass through the oil filter. Cera Tec offers maximum wear protection, Motor Protect is the preferred additive for those who do not want a solid lubricant in the oil.

Cera Tech and Motor Protect reduce friction in the engine and thus decrease wear. This increases the service life of the engine and helps increase fuel mileage. The Laboratory for Automotive Testing in Landau, Germany has confirmed that even with the old formula, Cera Tec already provided twice the protection in comparison to motor oils without Cera Tec.

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Dura’s new foldaway space-saver workbench

Workshop specialists Dura have created a unique space-saving folding workbench, extending their growing range of mobile tool storage solutions.

The folding unit, which measures 1200mm wide when fully extended, can be condensed right down to a width of just 300mm. It can actually be stored almost anywhere, including below cabinets, turning even the tightest corners of busy workshops into useful space.

The workbench has been design and manufactured completely in-house by the Brackley-based workshop specialist. It features lockable castors, heavy-duty steel construction and a non-slip, easy to clean, scratch resistant top surface.

The folding workbench joins Dura’s comprehensive mobile tool storage solutions range. A typical Dura tool trolley packs in drawers, cupboard and a vertical peg panel too.

Options include 600 to 1,200mm width units and 5, 6 or 7 drawer configurations. Individualised tool control foams, mountable vices and towel roll holders are just some of the customisation options that enable Dura to create bespoke finished solutions from standardised starting points.

“We can create mobile trolleys, workbenches or tool cabinets closely customised to business needs, adapted to fit space constraints,” said Dominic Wishlade, Managing Director. “We believe workshop storage should be configured to the exact requirements of customer wherever possible; this type of equipment gets used daily, so it really does need to work as well as it can.”

Dura solutions aim to go beyond the merely function, with tool storage that can transform workshop efficiency, raise working standards and generate visual appeal. Besides making Dura systems a pleasure to use, these benefits all flow through into generating tangible return on investment.

For more information, please visit
or call 01280 706050.

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IMI research reveals consumer attitudes to vehicle servicing

Consumer research conducted as part of the IMI’s current rebranding exercise has revealed the reasons behind consumer decisions when it comes to vehicle servicing. Cost remains high on the agenda with 52% citing it as a key factor. Quality of work came in a close second at 44%, rising to 51% amongst women. Reputation was also a heavily cited factor, the highest number of respondents describing “word of mouth” as a key method for finding businesses.

70% of respondents assumed that a licence to practise was already in place in the sector – a statistic which  IMI plans to use in its lobbying campaign for licensing. IMI found that 66% of respondents and 71% of women agreed that a recognised quality standard was very important when selecting a service provider.
IMI CEO Steve Nash commented:

“The rebranding research we have undertaken makes interesting reading for the sector. Although many within the sector believe customers focus solely on cost, our findings suggest a much more complex picture. The customer experience obviously comes into play. Customers are also worried about quality of work, meaning those who invest in skills have an opportunity to reassure potential customers.

A good overall customer experience will also have a knock-on effect to your business’s reputation and affect how your business is promoted via word of mouth. The value of good customer service is appreciated by most but can be difficult to quantify – especially for smaller businesses that don’t have sophisticated measures in place. However, these findings suggest giving your current customers a great experience is undoubtedly the key to business growth.”

IMI also uncovered encouraging positive opinions of the sector, which IMI hopes to build upon in the future. 83% agreed that the motor industry employed skilled workers whilst 81% felt the sector provided good quality service. 79% also felt the sector was responsive to customer needs. IMI believes this is a sign that the industry is winning the battle against negative perceptions.

“These findings should be very encouraging for the sector and a sign that we are overcoming negative stereotypes about the motor trade. Clearly there are many good operators out there, which makes IMI all the more passionate about weeding out the bad ones through licensing.”  Steve explained.

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