MOT Workshop 50 – New Products and Services

• Web-based MOTs
• Aluminium head hammers & dollies set for alloy panel repairs
• IMI Outstanding Achievers Awards Nominations Open
• Feather Diesel highlight why mechanical testing is essential too
• Charters Peugeot adds second EDT engine cleaning machine
• Performance Testing Vehicle Starting System
• Colossal Savings on CP Air Tools

Web-based MOTs:

Are you ready and ‘signed-up’?

input devices istockIf Testing Stations aren’t ready for the web-based system by 3rd July, suspension of Testing is threatened. If Testers haven’t sent their e-mail addresses to DVSA, they can’t Test whilst awaiting password changes by post.

As we’ve noted in MOT Testing Magazine’s lead article, many Testing Stations have yet to confirm to the DVSA that they are ready for the new web-based system. Perhaps that’s due to the complexity of Special Notice 1 – 2015 with its bewildering number of e-mail and internet site addresses.

Yet if you haven’t let the DVSA know by 3rd July that you are ready for the new system by completing the online ‘readiness survey’, then you will receive notice “that you’ll be suspended from Testing”.

On the other hand, if you say you are ready, and it transpires that by the “final switchover date”, that you’re not, then you’ll be suspended from Testing until you are ready.

Here’s a simple synopsis of what is needed which DVSA have provided to help readers to make sure they have everything in place.

DVSA’s New MOT Testing Service – Switchover checklist content for Authorised Examiners (AEs)

AEs must complete a DVSA online ‘readiness’ survey to confirm they have the right IT equipment and services in place in order to switch to the new service.
Once this has been done, there are few other things which AEs need to do to make sure their switchover to the new service is as smooth as possible. Here is a checklist for AEs to follow:

  • Check your AE entity (business) email address is correct so you can receive switchover information
  • Check that your employees with VTS roles (including NTs) update their email and postal address within the VTS device to make sure they receive switchover information and password resets – should they be needed –  so the processes are trouble free
  • Check your hours of operation are set within your VTS device to ensure the new system only sends you notification of ‘out of hours’ testing when you want it to.
  • Allocate the AED role to any employees who need to buy MOT slots under the new service
  • Remove the details of any former employees from your VTS device to make sure their details aren’t transferred over to the new service
  • Check your IT equipment and internet connection is working and check your employees know how to use them
  • Determine whether you need a back-up should your internet connection fail. You should consider for how long you can manage without being able to offer the MOT service to your customers and the standards of service you will get from your internet provider
  • Take a note of the MOT Modernisation web address (ie and email address ( so you know where to check and who to contact for answers to any of your switchover questions.

If you have any questions about what you need to do to confirm your site is ready or about the switchover process please email any queries to DVSA at

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IMI Outstanding Achievers Awards Nominations Open

imi awardsNominations for the 2015 IMI Outstanding Achievers Awards are now open. The Outstanding Achievers Awards celebrate the achievements of IMI learners, accredited individuals and automotive professionals within the UK retail motor industry. This year’s event will be held at Silverstone race circuit in the world famous wing facility on the 22nd October, and will be attended by HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

Awards include “Outstanding Technical Student of the Year” in fields such as Light Vehicle, Body Repair and Motorcycle, as well as “Outstanding Non-Technical Student of the Year”. Individuals who have achieved IMI Accreditations will also be recognised alongside managers who are furthering their careers through accreditations, CPD or IMI qualifications. The highly sought after “Approved Centre of the Year” awards for training providers will also be announced.

IMI CEO Steve Nash commented: “It is the IMI’s commitment to raising standards that makes this one of our most important events of the year. The Outstanding Achievers Awards are a unique opportunity for the IMI to recognise the best learners in the motor industry, including apprentices and adults furthering their careers through additional learning. Individuals who win these awards are the shining lights and future stars of the sector. We know they will go on to raise standards and inspire others to take up careers in the sector.”

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Feather Diesel highlight why mechanical testing is essential too

pressure pump testingPressure pump testing

Leading aftermarket specialists Feather Diesel Services say many garages are failing to diagnose faults by not mechanically testing systems.

Electronic test equipment, especially fault code scan tools, need to be used alongside mechanical devices testing, pressure pump functions and back leakage for an accurate appraisal.

Generic fuel pressure OBD-II diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0089 is a prime example.

“It’s easy to assume this code’s due to a faulty high pressure common rail pump control valve,” said Steve Smith, Feather Diesel’s Managing Director. “In reality, many other problems that trigger this fault code, so without mechanically testing or checking the vehicle, a simple code read can lead to a misdiagnosis.”

Other possible causes of P0089 include air ingress to diesel fuel supply, a partially blocked fuel filter, a sticking pressure relief valve, high injector leak back or wiring issues.

To understand how these faults trigger P0089 requires an understanding of the more complex fuel systems on modern diesel engines. Any unexpected issues in the closed loop system can cause fault codes to be generated.
“Common rail systems comprise an accumulator – the common rail – a high pressure pump and electronically controlled injectors,” explains Steve.

“The pump develops high pressure irrespective of engine speed. Diverting fuel into the accumulator rail raises pressure, whilst dumping fuel down the return line reduces it.

“The ECU controls that process via a rail pressure sensor and a high speed diverter valve, to attain any working pressure between zero and maximum, simply by filling or emptying the rail.”\So, ingress of air can cause pressure under or overshoots, a blocked fuel filter can delay the pressure rise, a leaking relief valve can limit pressure level, sticking control valves might alter pressures either way and injectors leaking internally under load could lead to pressure drops. All of which can easily trigger P0089.

Feather Diesel is approved by the world’s leading system manufacturers to repair a full range of diesel components. They operate a free UK collection and delivery service for repairs. There’s a free point-of-sale information pack for garages too, just call 01422 387800 to find out more.

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Charters Peugeot adds second EDT engine cleaning machine

edt engine clean1EDT treatment is “close to doing a manual engine strip”

The aftersales team at franchised dealership Charters Peugeot in Aldershot were so impressed with the profit and customer feedback on their first EDT machine, they installed a second one.

With an effect likened to descaling a dishwasher, the hand-built EDT machine cleans petrol or diesel engines with an environmentally friendly solution. It takes just 15 minutes to remove up to half a litre of thick black sludge (carbon and metallic particles, varnish, even the odd broken-off dipstick), stuff that doesn’t come out in an ordinary oil change.

The results are close to doing a manual engine strip, with fuel economy increased by up to 20%, power increased by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb. Harmful emissions are also significantly reduced: CO by an average 66% and diesel smoke by an average 58%.

Since launching in the UK in 2013, EDT has generated over £750,000 in turnover for dealers including Inchcape, Sandicliffe and Hendy Group.

Arron Brown, general service manager at Charters Peugeot, commented: “The EDT machine brings a healthy profit into the business and builds value into our customer relationships. We took one and because it did so well we got another one. There’s almost no cost to it. All we have to do is sell the benefits. The fuel saving in particular seems to hit home. Most customers immediately notice a difference – one told me his old estate had never driven better. The people at EDT have vast experience in aftersales, so they’re easy to work with. The process itself is quick and easy. It doesn’t take long to mate a car to the machine and EDT take care of all the maintenance.”

David Holmes AAE FIMI AIRTE, managing director at EDT Automotive, added: “Charters Peugeot have really embraced the EDT concept and are reaping the rewards in terms of profit and customer satisfaction. Many of our partners show their customers the filthy filter or send pictures via smartphone. In these days of advanced electrical systems, it is something tangible. The benefits are such that dealers are now using it to reduce their fleet running costs and in used car preparation.”

EDT operates a pay-as-you-go model similar to a vending machine company, providing the unit, sales and technical training, the consumables and ongoing support. The minimum contract requirement is just five treatments per week.
Any service managers interested in finding out more about EDT, starting with a demonstration of the machine, should call 01233 712 341, email or visit

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Performance Testing Vehicle Starting Systems

rbag700 8According to the AA the most common cause for vehicle breakdowns is a flat battery!

Battery analysers or testers provide an accurate way to check the cranking ability of vehicle batteries. This will indicate if there is a need to replace or recharge the battery. If replacement is needed, the garage benefits from an additional sale, while the customer gets reassurance that they have a fully healthy battery.

To help mechanics, Ring has added to its range of battery analysers the RBAG700, a 12v Graphical Battery Analyser with printer.

The RBAG700 is different to other analysers in that it uses an intuitive graphical interface making it easier and quicker for technicians to diagnose faults. The microprocessor control can analyse and test the battery capacity without applying a load, providing fast, accurate results on batteries up to 1700CCA.

A low range setting is included for testing motorcycle batteries.

Batteries can be tested in or out of the vehicle and reverse polarity protection is built in.

RBAG700 will test not only the battery cranking performance, but also the alternator (including a diode ripple test), starter and earth system, providing a complete health check of the battery system to help mechanics diagnose potential faults.

The backlit LCD Screen means the readings are clearly visible even in the dark or low levels of light.

Results can be printed more quickly via the integrated printer or a full report produced via the PC link and custom icon driven software. This software enables the printed reports to be customised to show the garage and vehicle details.

The unit will store up to 80 vehicles test results at once allowing multi-vehicle testing before downloading, ideal for large dealerships and workshops.

RBAG700 SSP is £289.99

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Colossal Savings on CP Air Tools

cp price cuts 2015Bradford-based Thorite, the UK’s biggest independent distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, has slashed prices on CP air tools by between 15% and 20%, making them probably the most competitive supplier in the market.

The rugged CP air tools range includes impact wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, grinders, sanders, riveters, air hammers and sheet metal working tools, ideal for use in vehicle servicing, tyre shops, body shops, fast fits and general industrial maintenance.

These remarkably low prices are the result of a major commitment to increase the stocks of CP airtools held at Thorite’s National Distribution Centre, which in turn enables the company to take advantage of greatly improved purchasing power with CP.

The extra margins Thorite enjoys under this arrangement are being passed on directly to customers, who can now benefit from these lowest-ever prices by ordering air tools on the Thorite Retail Website, or by visiting any of Thorite’s network of 10 regional Sales and Service Centres throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North East and West Midlands.

Further Information: Ross Gowler,
Thorite Marketing and Engineering Services Director
Tel: 01274 663471

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