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• Fewer MOTs, more road deaths
BorgWarner supplies turbocharging technology to Volkswagen
• Tool for suspension struts
• New DPF cleaner
• Glue-pulling dent removal kit
• Tyre pressure guage
• Slimline inspection wand lamp



Fewer MOTs: more road deaths and injuries

The Government’s recently declared consultation on deferring most vehicles’ first MOT until they are four years old will directly affect MOT Testing Stations; it will also have a bad affect on MOT workshops.

dusk traffic; fewer MOTs, more road deaths

Heavy traffic: fewer MOTs will lead to more road deaths and injuries.

Motorists with a three-year old car will assume that because the Government says its OK not to have an MOT, that it’ll be OK not to have maintenance carried out either.

The only saving grace form a service/repair workshop point of view will be that by year four these vehicles will carry many more defects, (a 31.6% estimated fail rate – see p.14 MOT Testing) which will have to be remedied.

Disgracefully this announcement is pure politics – playing with peoples’ lives for political point scoring.

DfT’s own calculations suggest that it will cause 55 more road deaths and 338 more serious injuries…!

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Borgwarner supplies optimized R2S® turbocharging technology to Volkswagen.

BorgWarner’s Regulated Two-Stage (R2S®) Turbocharging Technology Helps Boost Performance for Volkswagen’s Powerful New 2.0-liter Diesel Engine

Borg Warner TurbochargerAuburn Hills, Michigan, July 21, 2015 – BorgWarner provides its award-winning regulated two-stage (R2S®) turbocharging technology for Volkswagen’s new high-performance diesel engine. Engineered to comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is the most powerful diesel engine in its class. Providing an output of 176 kW (240 HP) and a maximum torque of 500 Nm, it achieves an average fuel economy of 5.3 liters/100 km. Powered by BorgWarner’s optimized turbocharging technology, the diesel engine debuted in the VW Passat and sets new standards for efficiency and performance.

“We are pleased to expand our long-term partnership with the Volkswagen Group by delivering our regulated two-stage turbocharging technology for this powerful, downsized diesel engine,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “BorgWarner’s leading turbocharging technologies help automakers deliver powerful performance.”

BorgWarner’s R2S turbocharging system consists of two series-connected turbochargers and features a variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbocharger for the high-pressure stage combined with a larger B03 water-cooled turbocharger optimized for low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (LP EGR). The low-pressure EGR is captured downstream of the exhaust emission control system and then mixed with the fresh air upstream of the compressor of the low-pressure stage. BorgWarner uses a special protective coating on the turbocharger compressor wheel to withstand the extreme loads and the corrosive particles. Controlled by an electric actuator, BorgWarner’s VTG turbocharger responds quickly at low engine speeds, resulting in a rapid rise in boost pressure for nearly instant acceleration.

As the engine speed increases, both turbochargers work together, gradually shifting to the larger, low-pressure turbocharger. At higher engine speeds, all of the gases flow directly to the larger B03 turbocharger, maintaining smooth power delivery at higher speeds. By combining two series-connected turbochargers of different sizes, BorgWarner’s R2S technology provides high boost pressures over the entire engine speed range.

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Comprehensive Tool Kit for Dismantling and assembling suspension struts

When dismantling a suspension strut sometimes the securing nut can be difficult to access and the central strut itself needs to be held still while the nut is undone. This new Shock Absorber Tool Kit (part number 6182) is designed to overcome these problems and make the job quick and easy.

Suspension toolkitThe secret is the go-through design of the sockets and ratchet. This clever design allows the strut lock extensions to go right through the middle of the ratchet and socket. Five different strut lock extensions are included, to fit a variety of applications. Seven go-through deep sockets (16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 and 24mm) are included, plus a sliding T-bar.

Suspension toolkitOnce the spring is compressed and the top plate is free, simply choose the correct strut lock extension and socket. Then fit the socket and the ratchet handle, and fit the strut lock straight through. The central strut is held steady, and the securing nut is quickly removed — making what can be an awkward job very easy.
A range of specialist strut nut sockets compatible with this set is also available, for example, 3466 Strut Nut Tools, 5544 and 5581 Mercedes-Benz Strut Nut sockets, and 5754 Strut Nut Kit.
This timesaver is available now from your Laser Tools stockist at a typical price of £116.84 (plus VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from and see the video on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

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GSF hail new DPF cleaner as ‘game changer’

SF Car Parts have launched a new Professional DPF Cleaner, which they say offers a unique alternative to garages looking to profitably develop business from the growing demand for diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration work.

vtech DPF cleanerIn a telephone survey in April, 84% of garages said they were receiving enquiries from motorists with DPF problems ‘at least once a week’. Most also reported this number of enquiries was ‘increasing’.

The Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner, exclusively available through GSF Car Parts, is a non-flammable solution supplied in 5 Litre containers for just £28.95 + VAT. It’s suitable for all aluminium, magnesium, zinc or cadmium parts, and all latest generation DPFs.

To use it, the DPF is removed, then filled with the solution overnight. The liquid gently breaks down and cleans the residues. Afterwards, simply rinse with clean water and refit.

In tests, Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner has been shown to remove all visible dirt, soot and ash trapped in the filter cores. Even the worst examples have all been returned to normal operating levels, performing at over 95% of their ‘as new’ capacity.

“We see the new Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner as a ‘game changer’,” said John Wright, Garage Essentials Manager at GSF Car Parts. “Up until now, the workshop options have been to use pour-in additives, which can’t always clear more stubborn blockage, or have specialist workshop capital equipment to perform regenerations, which just isn’t viable for many independents.”

Beyond this, garages have had to either recommend a DPF replacement, or send the part away for specialist cleaning. Both options typically incur delays, with expense running into the high hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

“The new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner offers many advantages as it gives the garage a chance of an affordable repair whilst saving workshops ramp time,” said Jonny West, GSF Car Parts Managing Director. “This can keep an old car off the scrap heap for longer – keeping business in the aftermarket.”
Feedback from early adopters on the product, just released on general sale, is unequivocal.

Dennis Donohue, owner of D.S. Motors Birmingham said: “This now makes the job affordable to our customers. We have used it on several vehicles and have had 100% success rate.

“One 2006 Saab was heading to the scrap yard as it was not regenerating, and was stuck in limp mode with a new DPF costing over £1,200. Within 24 hours, the vehicle was returned to the customer, as good as new, for a faction of the cost of a replacement.”

Tejveer Brar, owner of Star Garage London said: “The first time I used the Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner was on a 2007 BMW 535 that was blocked so badly that is was a non-runner.

“The solution returned the DPF to the original level. It is amazing and I would recommend it to every workshop out there.”

GSF Car Parts advise using the Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner before recommending DPF replacement or off site cleaning. You can order it now to try for yourself from your local branch.

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Pneumatic glue pulling dent removal kit from Power-TEC

glue pulling dent removalGlue pulling is an ideal repair process when there is restricted access behind the dent to be repaired and when used with care the paintwork will not be damaged. This new kit from Power-TEC (part number 92395) uses a pneumatic dent puller (powered from the workshop air line) and is supplied with ten assorted glue pads, including circular and split elliptical versions suitable for a variety of different dent shapes and sizes.

The pressure of the pneumatic puller can be adjusted to suit the size and depth of the dent and the speed of the pull. The length of the draw can also be adjusted to suit the size of the glue pad and the depth of the dent. The pull can be steady and slow or for more stubborn dents the slide hammer action can be used to steadily tap the dent out. With a shallow dent sometimes just one steady pull will remove it while a deeper dent may require two or three applications of the glue pad.

Glue pulling dent removalPart of Power-TEC’s comprehensive range of glue-pulling dent repair tools and materials, designed for fast, accurate body repairs. Available now from your Power-Tec stockist at a typical price of  £233 (+ VAT) for the kit, but remember to check your local Power-TEC supplier for their best prices and special offers.

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High quality Tyre Pressure Gauge from Laser Tools

Tyre pressure gaugeKeeping the recommended tyre pressure on all four wheels provides better safety and efficiency on the road. This new tyre pressure gauge from Laser Tools (part number 6055) will make sure that your tyre pressures are set accurately.

Having properly inflated tyres means better fuel consumption, tyres don’t wear out as quickly and ensures your car handles as the manufacturer designed it to. The Laser tyre pressure gauge is cased in rubber for toughness and liquid filled for accuracy. The valve connector is angled and swivels for ease of access and the hose is a useful 550mm in length. Gauge diameter is 2.5 inches (63.5mm) and features a brightly coloured face for ease of reading.

Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, this very high quality tyre gauge is typically priced at £40.52 (+ VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from

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Slimline Inspection Wand

Inspection Lamps are getting smarter and more functional all the time, but what about taking all the best elements and keeping it simple?

Slimline inspection lampThe LED042 from Sealey has 12 super bright SMD LEDs mounted in a 6mm slim line body, allowing use in the tightest of spaces.

The Inspection Lamp can be powered via the vehicle’s battery or from the 12V DC vehicle accessory socket and is resistant to oil, chemicals and water.
The LED042 Inspection Lamp is widely available nationwide from Sealey’s network of stockists.

Use the Dealer Locator at to find your local supplier.

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