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• The Award in MOT Testing …what’s new?
• Sealey Storage and Workstations promotion
• IMI, the one-stop shop for MOT businesses
• New Pneumatic Jacks from Laser Tools
• Versatile cable tie & accessory kit from Gunson
• How to complete the DVSA MOT ANNUAL Training & Assessment

The Award in MOT Testing …what’s new?

On July 20th DVSA ran the last training course for the pilot companies involved in delivering the new Award in MOT Testing. This new certificate finally replaced the old NTT free course.

So what’s changed?

Well before, the course was a three day affair with a simple 20-question test at the end. If you took notes then you generally passed – simple enough. The new Award in MOT Testing is a much bigger monster. Five units cover communication in the VTS the new CPD (annual refresher training) arrangements and health and safety. The course also has a mandatory element of eight hours practical training with units four, the pre-test checks, and unit five, the actual vehicle inspection. However the biggest change is the 75-minute online exam with 40 questions covering all five units, make this no easy qualification.

Not only must learners be proficient in English reading and communication skills , the new rules are very strict that no help may be given in the form of translators etc.  Add this to the 80% pass mark for the online test and it’s fair to say the new wave of MOT Testers have never had it so tough!

One such company leading the charge to help new Testers join the sector is MOT Academy.

MOT Academy is situated at Millbrook, the worlds leading automotive testing track and proving ground. With training facilities at both Millbrook and the Cranfield university campus, MOT Academy is positioned to deliver world class courses to become a MOT Tester in the UK’s shortest timescale, at the most competitive prices in the market. For example, £795 for the replacement DVSA course.

All of the staff have been the market leaders in their field with training staff having over 30 years experience in the MOT trade. Friendly, knowledgeable and a great experience are just some of the comments they have had in the past.

Their approach is innovative and has seen them develop a unique approach to running the new MOT course.
Their Quality Director explains:

“The first thing we did was keep the price low… The NTT course was free and yet there was still a shortage of Testers in the UK. So to burden learners with a high course cost only made the national shortage of Testers even worse. To keep costs low we allow learners to complete the first three modules from home.

Our E-learning takes them through several slides with tests after each module. Candidates must get 100% on all three modules before they can attend the training centre. This allows us to keep costs down but ensures learners know the new legislation perfectly.

Then we issue all learners practical homework. Where people often fail is through simply lack of practice using the MOT Manual! Therefore, giving them time using the manual helps them in their final online exam. Then when learners attend they can focus their attention on the pre-test unit four and the actual inspection unit five.”

At MOT Academy they like to motivate their learners to become an MOT Tester and then celebrate their success with a tour of the Millbrook test track. As a once in a lifetime opportunity to maybe observe the latest Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or even Mclaren, testing their prototypes.

With competition fierce this month between the pilot providers MOT Academy are firing on all cylinders with great price, great delivery model and world class resources at a world famous venue.

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Sealey Storage and Workstations promotion

If you need storage for your garage or workshop then you need to see a copy of Sealey’s Storage and Workstations promotion! With almost 350 products, discounts of up to 52%, and lots of new items it is one not to miss.

Check out the new economical midsize combo tool chest available in two statement colours (purple and hi-vis green) AP2200BBCP & AP2200BBHV. Smaller than our main range, these toolchests feature all the qualities of a professional unit including double skin side walls for extra strength, and a smooth, hi-gloss, triple baked enamel finish. They resist scratches, oil, dirt and most solvents. Their drawer faces have full length pulls with chrome style trim and also incorporate smooth ball bearing slide runners. The subtle difference from the rest of the American Pro range is that they are non-lockable and the castors are Ø 75mm. The toolbox is available in multiple formats both with and without tools to suit the needs of your garage.

Also featured in the promotion are the latest additions to Sealey’s modular systems, which easily adjust to specific needs, be it a simple base cabinet or a full workshop storage system. The modular design enables easy upgrade and bespoke configuration. This highly adaptable workshop storage system offers a combination of 12 different units that will fit perfectly into your space.

All modules are of the highest quality and you have a choice of stainless steel or wood finish worktops. As standard all drawers feature ball-bearing slides throughout, and all units feature aluminium handles / drawer pulls. The floor cabinets feature adjustable shelves and you can choose between gas struts on wall cabinet doors or simple tambour front and many other practical features.

The Sealey Storage & Workstations promotion is valid until 31st December 2016. Copies are available from your local stockist or you can order or view online at

MOT Workshop Magazine

IMI, the one-stop shop for MOT businesses

It’s all change at the DVSA and there are testing times ahead for MOT testers. There is no need to worry though; IMI is here to help you.

MOT Testers are now required to complete a minimum of 3 hours’ annual training, plus an annual assessment, to keep their approved Tester status. From now onwards any new Testers or managers must pass an MOT Qualification to achieve approval.

The Institute of the Motor Industry is the one-stop shop for the new MOT Tester training and assessments, all provided expertly, conveniently and at great value for money.

IMI CEO Steve Nash said, “We have designed the qualifications, annual training and assessment with business needs in mind. There is special value in the convenience of our online offer and the reassurance for consumers that comes with a business’s association with the Institute of the Motor Industry brand.”

Only with IMI can you get the complete package of new MOT Tester requirements, produced in conjunction with the DVSA. The IMI solution includes the annual assessment, annual training and our online eLearning platform. With IMI, businesses can save time and money.

Find out more about IMI’s MOT product offer at

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New Pneumatic Jacks from Laser Tools

The traditional workshop trolley jack can be cumbersome and very heavy, but it also takes time to jack up a vehicle.

Introducing the new pneumatic jacks from Lasers Tools – light weight, easily manageable and super-fast! Two versions available, the two-chamber model (part number 6530) has a maximum height of 430mm, and the three-chamber model (part number 6531) goes up to 550mm, both with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes.

Connect to the workshop air supply and you will have even the lowest vehicle lifted in seconds. Saves all that strain of pumping away at a trolley jack – the pneumatic jacks lift effortlessly – and drop down again smoothly and safely. The included extension cups are used when there is more clearance, and give extra lift.

Because of their compact size, the jacks are also ideal for use on a four-post lift and especially useful in bodyshops for giving additional working clearance for sills and underbody areas.

If space is tight you’ll struggle with a trolley jack, but not with your new pneumatic jack from Laser Tools! Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, typically priced at £504.06 plus VAT for the 6530 and £584.08 plus VAT for the 6531, but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from

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Versatile cable tie & accessory kit from Gunson

Suitable for all automotive applications but especially useful for classic car owners and kit car builders, this new cable tie and accessory kit from Gunson Tools (part number 77140), offers a versatile selection of cable ties and mounting tabs that will ensure neat and professional looking cable and harness installation.

The selection includes 50 of each size of cable tie: 2.5mm x 100mm, 3.6mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 230mm; 10 each of panel fixing cable ties, 3.5mm x 150mm and 4.8mm x 200mm (these are simply plugged into a suitable hole in the panel); 10 each of the 4.8mm x 200mm mounting head cable ties (attached to the panel with a bolt or self-tapping screw); 10 1/2” R-clips (useful for wiring spurs but also for washer fluid pipes, etc); and 10 each of the self-adhesive cable tie mounting tabs, in two sizes, 22mm x 22mm and 28mm x 28mm (cable ties are simply looped into the mounting tabs, ensuring neat, tidy and secure cable runs).

All supplied in a handy case that will fit neatly in your toolbox. The usual Gunson terrific value and available now for a typical price of £19.06 (including VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from

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How to complete the DVSA MOT ANNUAL Training & Assessment

A number of new changes have been introduced to MOT tester training. The changes mean all testers must:
• Complete a minimum 3 hours training based on the DVSA syllabus for the vehicle classes they test.

• Plan and record training.
• Pass the annual assessment.
• Complete the above between 1st April to 31st March yearly.
Failure to do this could lead to disciplinary action by DVSA.
To see the DVSA syllabus, visit:
There are many ways to complete the training, one way is E-Learning.
The benefit of using the easy online courses with Premier MOT’s E-Learning is students receive:
– CPD planner
– 5 course completion certificates
– 2 additional modules of practice exam questions
– Simple courses that cover the DVSA topics
– Online assessment with certificate

To complete the annual training and take the online assessment is simple, just visit: and purchase the ‘Annual Training & Annual Assessment Combined Option’. The training can be completed at your convenience on your smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

For further information, please telephone: 0345 459 0231
or email:  Web:

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