MOT Workshop 61 – Emissions Testing Equipment Review

MOT Workshop Magazine 61 May 2018

Emissions Testing Equipment

Surprisingly, the new European Union regulations due to come into force in May have no fundamentally new requirements regarding the allowable emissions from vehicles subject to MOT Test, but there will, however be a change coming for diesel powered vehicles in Britain with regard to emissions testing equipment – they will, after May 20th need to be checked by a Diesel Smoke Meter (DSM) to the vehicle’s so called ‘plated’ value.

Although this has been part of the EU Directive for many years, in Britain the government have historically chosen not to MOT Test diesel powered vehicles to those plated values, by taking advantage of a small EU footnote which allows exemption if the required plated values aren’t published in the member country concerned – in Britain such values haven’t been published.

After May that will change; diesel MOT smoke testing will be to the plated values off the vehicle’s data plate, unless its not available – in which case the Test will be to default values.

A software upgrade

To Test to plated values all MOT diesel smoke meters will require a software upgrade. There will, however, be a cost for the equipment manufacturers for the upgrade. Unfortunately though, some older equipment, or equipment where the original manufacturer has ceased trading, won’t be upgradeable. In that case new MOT smoke meters will need to be purchased.

We’ve also heard that some less reputable manufacturers have been telling their customers that new equipment is required, when that is not the case. On this Dave Garratt, Chief Executive of the Garage Equipment Association has noted:

“We have received a number of phone calls from Vehicle Testing Stations who have become confused over forthcoming changes to the Diesel Smoke Test Limits. Some believe they need to replace existing DSMs in order to continue Testing. However, MOT DSM models approved to the 2001 specification are capable of displaying smoke at the lower levels and, after software update, to incorporate the additional Test limits and processes, so can continue to be used”.

With respect to the gas analysers used to Test the emissions from petrol powered vehicles, nothing has changed, although there will be a software upgrade this year after the Department for Transport issue the latest version of the data book for petrol emissions.

Nevertheless, many garages are upgrading their equipment all the time with the latest computer controlled devices, often using tablets to fully record MOT Test results. This is a trend across the board wherein computerised Test lanes record both brake performance and emission results.

For those of our readers seeking either an upgrade, or even a new Test lane, we provide an insight here into what is now available in the market place.

This emissions testing equipment review originally appeared in MOT Testing Magazine

Emissions Testing Equipment Product Review


MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewThe Bradbury BRADCOMBI Combined Gas & Smoke Emission Analyser is British built. It’s PC based and suitable for emissions testing of both petrol and diesel. It includes an RPM module and temperature measurement through the EOBD socket. A Wi-Fi enabled PC with flexibility to run your own programmes is supplied as standard. It covers Class 4, 5, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC & SVA Approval.

The wireless smoke head has a range of up to 75m. Supplied to the latest specification including latest gas update.

Price: £11,993.00 save 29% off individual prices
Contact: James Furk/Hannah Weeley
Tel: 01604 82800

Hickleys Ltd (Bosch)

MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewThe new range of emission testers from Bosch claims to lead the way regarding functionality. It has the latest technology gas and smoke measuring modules, short set up and warm up time, Bluetooth cable free design, remote control, KTS OBD connection for engine speed and temperature monitoring.

The BEA comes in either the BEA550 modular units ideal when there’s already a PC in the MOT bay or the BEA950 which is fully equipped with a windows PC, colour printer and trolley.

Price: BEA modular from £2595, BEA950 Bluetooth £5495.
Contact: Robin Huish
Tel: 01823 328530
Fax: 01823 328589
Distribution: Direct & distribution

Hickleys Ltd (BrainBee)

MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewThe BrainBee Omni800 emission analysers brings our products together to create an emission package with a proven track record. The Omni800 offers petrol and diesel emission testing which surpasses all UK MOT requirements. It has specific user friendly features that aims to lead the market in technology.

The Brainbee Omni800 is offered in four different configurations, standard cable, Bluetooth cablefree, Bluetooth Lite or Modular ideal where there is an existing PC in the existing brake tester, or in the MOT bay.
Price: Omni 800 Bluetooth Combi £5495, Omni 800 Standard Combi £4995, Omni 800 lite £4495 and Omni 800 Modular £3995

Contact: Robin Huish
Tel: 01823 328530
Fax: 01823 328589
Distribution: Direct & distribution


MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewThe Sun DGA5000 Combi emissions analyser from Snap-on provides the modern workshop with an expandable tool that can grow and develop with their business. Simple and fast to use, the DGA5000 Combi includes a Class A and B-approved wireless smoke head, a wireless RPM and oil temperature measurement device, and a new wireless EOBD RPM device for diesel testing.

It can be integrated into a Sun brake tester and upgraded for wheel alignment, bringing further opportunities to workshops.

Price: Call for latest prices
Contact: Head office
Tel: 01553 692422, 01553 697254
Distribution: Direct sales

Tecalemit Garage Equipment Co Ltd

MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewCombined Emission Tester – TGD/MDS/X. With the upcoming data update and Euro VI smoke meter software changes, now is the time to upgrade your emission tester to the latest equipment. TGD/MDS/X is claimed to be Europe’s most widely used combined emission tester – fully compliant with DVSA rgulations for all classes of vehicles and testing standards including Euro VI.

Featuring patented technology and options including NOx testing for diesel and petrol engines, the TGD/MDS/X is used by testing authorities throughout Europe.

Price: circa £5025
Contact: Harriet McClure
Tel: 01752 219119
Fax: 01752 219128

Premier Diagnostics Ltd

MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewPremier Combi – Designed and built by Premier Diagnostics, a British owned Company, who are renowned for being the first to introduce Cable-less smoke head technology worldwide.

The Combi Petrol and Diesel Emission Analyser includes the latest Cable-less Diesel DS2 Smokehead and the PDCom EOBD- our new technology sensing module for RPM and Oil Temperature measurement. Fast and easy to use test routines for increased productivity, all fully DVSA approved to Class 4,5,7,HGV,PSV,RPC, meeting all current specifications including EURO 6.

Price: We have various packages to suit all customers needs
Contact: Sales Department
Tel: 01295 271985 Fax: 01295 272474
Distribution: Direct and through Distributors

Trade Garage Equipment

MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewThe T6000 Combined Gas & Smoke Analyser from our Technique MOT range is our most advanced emissions analyser. The equipment comes complete with a 10” tablet for quick and mobile reading.

The T6000 also provides a wireless smoke analyser making it our most versatile analyser suitable for all MOT environments. With an optional EOBD scan tool and inclusive colour printer, the T6000 is ideal for all growing businesses.

Price: £4,395.00 + VAT.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 506680


MOT Worshop Magazine Emissions Testing Equipment ReviewCrypton’s combined emissions analyser is the ‘MOT Tester’s Favourite’ with a 3 years warranty. 100% compliant to the latest DCVSA regulations with the latest smoke meter software (Euro 6) and updated petrol data.

It comes with a large 23” screen to read results clearly, particularly from inside a vehicle during a brake test. It also comes with a smoke head with automatic calibration, a battery RPM measurement, oil temperature probe, PC, printer and more in a quality mobile cabinet.

Price: Cabled: £4,250 / Wireless £4,850
Contact: Crypton
Tel: 0121 326 1200
Distribution: Distributors nationwide

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