MOT Workshop 61 – New Products and Services

MOT Workshop Magazine 61 May 2018

MOT Workshop 61 – New Products and Services

• Putting temporary-Tester recruitment into high gear
• More than a third of drivers unsure they will pass new-look MOT
• Clarke Foot Pedal Operated Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift
• Long reach pliers

Putting temporary-Tester recruitment into high gear

By Gavin White
Managing Director,
Autotech Recruit

In March, the industry saw the largest number of MOTs carried out in any single month since the introduction of twice-yearly registrations in 1999*. This stark report, coupled with the fact that the record number of vehicles purchased three years ago at the start of the sales boom are now coming through for servicing, has brought the lack of skilled MOT testers entering the industry to the forefront.

Garages could buckle under the demand surge and suffer financial losses if they do not have the manpower to manage running at full capacity.

Hiring skilled workers is becoming inherently difficult for garage bosses and, often, a time-consuming exercise. However, what isn’t abundantly clear is the fact there is a growing pool of contract MOT testers ready to quickly fill workforce deficits on a temporary basis.

With the ongoing evolution of vehicle technology, this growing band of freelancers are likely to be proficient in all areas of vehicle maintenance, and they are always thoroughly vetted by recruitment consultants to ensure their training is up to date, before they are put forward for roles. However, while they are readily available to keep workshops running, garage owners looking to tap into this network should still try to plan ahead.

MOT Workshop MOT Tester Recruitment Gavin White
Gavin White of Autotech Recruit speaking at the NTDA Tyre Industry Conference 2017

All businesses go through peaks and troughs, but it usually follows an annual pattern, and, although the industry is facing an unprecedented busy time, it wasn’t unexpected.

Understanding that pattern, and the trends which are shaping the sector, and planning ahead for extra help could be the difference between saying “yes” and turning customers away. This will afford garages the flexibility to take on additional work and, ultimately, boost their bottom line.

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More than a third of drivers unsure they will pass new-look MOT

Nearly 60 percent of UK motorists are unaware that the MOT rules are changing in May, while over 30 percent are unsure they will pass the new-look test, a survey has found.

According to an independent poll, commissioned by Cataclean, manufacturer of engine and fuel system cleaning products, 12 percent of motorists also say their exhaust emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’, an automatic fail if their car is a diesel with a diesel particulate filter fitted as standard.

The survey of 1,000 car owners was conducted to establish whether motorists are ready for the changes in relation to the tougher, new emissions Test, helping combat the fact that UK emissions of carbon dioxide from transport rose by two percent last year.

MOT Workshop Magazine Cataclean don't be left fumingWilliam Jones from Cataclean said: “The government’s motivation for cracking down on vehicles emitting toxic gases is, irrefutably, a valid one. However, 58 percent of motorists aren’t even aware that the rules are changing and might not know there are simple measures they can take to significantly reduce their emissions.
“By using Cataclean before a Test, MOT Testers can help customers bring down emissions by 24 percent, as proved in an independent trial.”

More information from Cataclean

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Clarke Foot Pedal Operated Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Great for providing easy access to motorcycles for repair and maintenance tasks, the CML3 foot pedal operated hydraulic motorcycle lift from Clarke is ideal for any professional or home workshop.

By raising your motorcycle to the ideal working height, the CML3 reduces the amount of strain involved working on motorcycles, as it allows access to vital components without having to bend down or kneel.

MOT Workshop Magazine hydraulic bike liftFeaturing a removable panel to assist with rear wheel removal, a hinged ramp for easy loading & off-loading, foot pedal operated height adjustment (with safety lock to prevent unintentional lowering) and a sturdy locking clamp with rubber pads for securing the motorcycle front wheel, the CML3 is exceptionally easy to use and is a must have for those who work on motorcycles on a regular basis.

Convenient, durable, safe, easy to use, a maximum load of up to 450kg and will fold flat for easy storage, the CML3 is priced at £478.80 and represents excellent value for money.

More information from Machine Mart

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Long reach pliers

MOT Workshop Magazine long reach pliersIf you have to get access to a hose clip, or other fixing buried deep in the engine bay, long-reach pliers can be very useful. But by their very nature the handles open a greater distance that the jaws. This can be very cumbersome, and for something like a large hose clip it means using both hands to grip the pliers.

This new range of double-jointed, long-reach pliers from Laser Tools solves the problem. The double-jointed range comprises long nose pliers (part number 6967); flat nose pliers (part number 6968) and a set of side cutters (part number 6969).

In a really tight location you just haven’t got the room to spread the handles wide — the compound joints allow access with much less handle movement and the jaws open the same distance as the handle — even a large hose clip can be gripped with one hand. And the useful 350mm length gives you that added reach.

They all feature flush rivets for strength and a thinner profile, and the handles are dipped plastic for extra grip.

The long nose pliers, flat nose pliers and side cutters are all priced at £24.98 each (price includes VAT) and available now from your Laser Tools stockist. Remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from

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