MOTs for Caravans?

News reports about Caravans requiring MOTs are somewhat premature. True, the EU Parliament have reinstated the need to Test Caravans in their own itinerary after the Commission were forced to drop the idea after Member States objected, but there’s some way yet to go in the EU’s labyrinthian path to finalising such a law!

And how would the tests be done? Most Testing Stations simply wouldn’t have the ability to carry out such checks. Caravans are essentially three wheelers with their stabilsing jockey wheels at the front – very, very few MOT Testing Stations are equipped to test three wheelers. And then there’s the height. To test tall vehicles Testing Stations would need to have so called, ‘high bays’ – which will mainly be those equipped to test larger ‘light commercial vehicles’, that is Class 7 Test bays as opposed to the Class 4 used for cars. Again they are far less numerous than Testing Stations for cars.

I think it is likely to be a damp squib – there’s some way to go before this goes into EU law, and I reckon that before the end of that long road the idea will be thrown out.

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