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The new MOT Testers’ Manual is significantly different from anything that has gone before. It is the most extensively modified version of the Manual since the MOT Test was first introduced nearly 60 years ago.

Update: Link to the ‘Final’ “MOT inspection manual for private passenger and light commercial vehicles

The structure and layout is different, and there are numerous new ‘Testable Items’, and many current such items have been removed. There are also numerous subtle changes in the way the Manual is worded. However a summary of changes document provides an overview of where new ‘Testable Items’ are to be found in the new document.

Here’s a preview of the first page of the summary of changes:

Changes to MOT Inspection Manual – May 2018

New test items

  • Brake fluid
  • Additional braking device performance
  • Daytime running lamps
  • Front fog lamps
  • Reversing lamps
  • Bumpers
  • Prop shafts
  • All rear drive shafts
  • Cab security
  • Cab steps
  • Floors
  • Passenger hand grips (quads and heavy trikes only)
  • Noise suppression material
  • Undertray security
  • Emission control equipment
      •    Oxygen sensor
      •    NOx sensor
      •    Exhaust gas recirculation valve
      •    Other emission control equipment
  • Engine Malfunction indicator lamp
  • DPF tampering
  • Fluid leaks – engine, transmission etc


  • Introduction of EU Type Approval categories
  • Clarification of Dual purpose vehicle definition
  • American and Canadian pick-up trucks up to 6500kg added to Class 4
  • Information about Vehicles of Historic Interest added
  • Reason to refuse to test for presence of a load added
  • Reasons for Rejection changed to Defects
  • Minor, Major and Dangerous defect categorisation
  • Definition of insecure added
  • Definition of unsafe modification added
  • Changes to ‘extensively modified vehicles to include modifications for disabled use

Identification of Vehicle

  • Checks for two different VINs removed


Also, whilst a draft copy (it isn’t yet fully finalised), of the new manual is available online, it isn’t easy to find, so we are publishing it here for Testers to have a look at the details.

In the May 2018 edition of MOT Testing Magazine we will be publishing an extensive list of the changes for our subscribers and will be fleshing out in more detail how the changes work, along with other important implications which result from the provisions in the new Manual.

A PDF copy of the document can be downloaded here or read online below. [updated 3/04/2018]

New Manual 29-3-18

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