MOT Test Information

‘No-Fee’ Retest Items

After failure, fees for re-examination vary according to the following circumstances:

If your vehicle is left with the Testing Station for repair and re-examination – NO FEE

If the vehicle is taken away from the Testing Station and returns for re-examination on other than one or more of the items listed below, then only the failed item (including any other items affected by the execution of the repair) needs to be examined by the MOT Tester, for which the Testing Station may charge (up to), half the full Test fee. Whilst this fee cannot be exceeded, the Tester may conduct a full re-inspection if at the Tester’s discretion it is deemed necessary.

NOTE: It should also be noted that should a vehicle be submitted for an MOT Test whilst still having an unexpired and valid MOT pass certificate, and fail the inspection, the original pass certificate remains legally valid until it expires. However, should any vehicle have developed faults which renders it un-roadworthy in legal terms, it would be unlawful to use it on the road irrespective of whether or not it has a current and valid MOT pass certificate.

“No Fee” Re-Test Items

Free re-test* items which, if failed initially, do not require the full Test to be conducted if the vehicle is brought back to the station and re-Tested before the end of the next working day are listed below:

*Only one free re-test is permissible per MOT

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