Over 30,000 Testers yet to complete annual training and assessment

Online MOT Training Graphic

In a recent press release DVSA noted that as of 20th February, 30,950 Testers still needed to complete their required annual training and assessment before the 31st March deadline otherwise they will face suspension from Testing.

Last year 1,882 Testers were suspended from Testing for not having completed the training and annual test on time. That was a major improvement on 2018 when 5,538 Testers were suspended for missing the deadline.

Those Testers who are suspended will have to undergo all of next year’s training requirements and take a DVSA demonstration MOT inspection before being re-instated. There could however, be long delays in arranging that demonstration Test, and in the meantime they will not be able to do any MOT Testing work – which could potentially endanger their future employment security.

DVSA are very keen to get the message across that regarding the compulsory training and annual test.

Getting it done sooner is better than later and they hope that this year even fewer Testers will need to be suspended than was the case last year.

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