Patented power clamping with new Hofmann wheel balancer

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The latest wheel balancer from HOFMANN – the geodyna 7600P – brings a patented new system along with many more user-friendly benefits.

The geodyna 7600P brings to the workshop a patented power clamping system that clamps the wheel to the unit accurately and with a constant force, helping the technician and aiding the balancing operation.

Added to the power clamping is the combination of 2D SAPE (semi-automatic parameter entry) and Smart Sonar input for automatic measurement of wheel offset, diameter and width, with the sonar element also providing a 30 per cent time saving against entering the data manually.

The geodyna 7600P also features the easyWEIGHT pinpoint laser indicator and a high-intensity rim light, helping to make placement of weights on the wheel even easier for the technician.

Designed to work on car, light truck and motorcycle wheels, the geodyna 7600P allows technicians to split the position of weights and hide them behind wheel spokes, creating a better visual finish for the customer, while a reduced cycle time and easy-to-use touchscreen monitor streamline the balancing process even further.

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