Special Notice S/N 2-14

 There’s been a new Special Notice issued: S/N 2-14 with three subjects as follows:

Withdrawal of MOT Text Reminder Service: As most Testing Stations have their own reminder service these days, some by text, and others by post, it is assumed that this has been withdrawn through lack of demand.

Registering MOTs which are the subject of a Cherished Transfer (Personalised Plates): This is due to issues arising when a transfer has been made, but not yet completed by the Government’s system. Both motorists and Testing Stations should not submit a vehicle for MOT Test identifying it with the new plates, until receipt of a DVLA ‘Confirmation Letter’.

‘View to the Front’: As regular readers of our magazine MOT Testing will be aware, a change to how the Reason for Rejection is to be applied when considering the view through the front windscreen. Beforehand, any obstruction greater than 10mm in Zone A, or 40mm in the remainder of the swept area would have merited a Rejection. Now, however a Rejection only applies to the ‘View of the Road’, with the emphasis on ‘road’. This new Special Notice clarifies this by noting that if the background behind the ‘damage or ‘obstruction’ is sky, or the bonnet, then it should not be rejected.  

Although the view will inevitably be affected by the Tester’s eye line – ie whether the seat is set high or low, or whether or not the Tester is tall or vertically challened – the Special Notice specifically says that such factors must be ignored.


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