Special Notices


We have picked up on a problem with regard to DVSA communications with MOT Testers and AEs.

If you use the MOT Computer to look for Special Notices, there is a heading which says: “Current Special Notices” – which suggests that these are the only valid S/Ns.

That isn’t the case; only those for 2016 are shown.

If you use your web browser to go to ‘MOT Special Notices‘, you will find the page which contains all the S/Ns – although, because many of them related to what to do to get on to the new MOT Computer during 2015, whilst ‘current’, some may no longer be relevant.

We have raised this with DVSA and have been told that they intend to clarify the situation regarding Special Notices and how to view them.

To learn more about this, see the next edition of MOT Testing due out in August.

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