Stop the unwanted and dangerous MOT change – sign the petition

The Government are intending to allow cars to be used on the roads for a further year before having their first MOT at four years old, instead of three, which is currently the case.

In their Consultation document about it the government have ‘dumbed-down’ the increased numbers of people likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads. Even their own ‘massaged’ figures suggest up to three of four more people will die each year. Yet there has been no indication of a demand from motorists or the general public for this dangerous proposal. So why do it?

There’s a Parliamentary petition opposing the proposal here.

Just click on the link above to begin the process, which is very short and simple, requiring your name, postcode and email address and then click ‘Sign’. You then just need to click on the link in the confirmation email which you will be sent straight away, and it’s done.

Please sign up to strongly oppose this proposed change to the MOT which will could unnecessarily result in significantly more road deaths and serious injuries every year.

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