Technique makes it as simple as 1, 2, 3 !

Wheel care’s three elements, tyre changing, wheel balancing and wheel alignment offers garages, MOT stations, body shops, etc an additional way to increase profits in these testing times.

Trade Garage Equipment has recently introduced the ‘Trade Approved’ customer’s guarantee for all recommended products and installations, it gives garage and workshop principles peace of mind when buying their products.

The Technique range of wheel care products handle complexities of new wheel and tyre designs easily and they have recently introduced the ‘Big Three’, the ‘Technique T2520 Professional’ tyre changer, the Technique ‘T2120 Computerised Wheel Balancer’ and the new Supertracker 420R wheel aligner to fronttheirwide range of wheelcare products.

‘Trade’s’ expert spokesmen, Rob Lovesy, introduces the new products.

“The technique is everything with wheel care products, especially when working with the latest tyres and wheels; firstly the T2520 Professional, fully automatic tyre changer, features a simple ‘lever less’ operation and is a high performance and heavy duty machine with a quality build which is designed not only for its increased capacity, reliability and ease of performance but for its outstanding value. Being ‘lever less’, it minimises the risk of damage to these light weight wheels, yet easily tackles things such as hidden balance weights etc.

“Secondly to complement this machine, we have the NEW and powerful trade approved Technique T2120 wheel balancer. An advanced, high performance, durable and heavy duty construction balancer with a premium specification, this model boasts an impressive 3D data input, with automatic entry of offset, width and diameter being achieved via an inner and outer measuring arm. The colour TFT display provides ‘live’ readings, with imbalance positions highlighted in the impressive graphics which make the hidden weight placement (or SPLIT function) easier than ever for the operator to carry out”

“Trade are also experts in Wheel Alignment and are main distributors for Supertracker the only British manufacturer of quality wheel aligners. Quick and easy to use, the 400R range four-wheel computer aligners provides an impressive list of benefits including customer and vehicle databases, Bluetooth technology and colour printout, eight-sensor technology, instant caster, camber and toe measurement, full colour graphics including Linux industrial computer innovations as well as the ability to accommodate wheel sizes from 12 to 24 inches. Contained in the price as with all of ‘Trades’ products, are full installation, full staff training and a national locally based network of Trade Approved services engineers to support the products”.

For trade sales or trade technical enquiries or your local ‘Trade’ member, contact 01509 506680,,

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