TEXA develops TPMS diagnostic solutions

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From November 1st 2014, all passenger transport vehicles for use on roads in Europe must be equipped with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) as standard.

With a few rare exceptions, tyre pressure is monitored by sensors fitted to the tyre inflation valves. Each sensor can measure pressure, temperature and movement. The sensors are powered by a small lithium battery and dialogue with the control unit over a radio link. TEXA has developed three diagnostic solutions for TPMS: TPS, AXONE S with the TPS utility and TPS KEY. These solutions are able to diagnose malfunctions in the pressure monitoring system and dashboard warning light system and can also handle all the tyre-related jobs that fitters and service centres have to deal with on a daily basis, like tyre changes and wheel rotations.

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The TPS (Tyre Pressure Service) is TEXA’s basic tool for tyre-related operations. It boasts an exceptional coverage of makes and models as well as TEXA’s traditionally robust design and build quality. Its functioning is extremely simple: all you have to do is select the vehicle and TPS dialogues automatically with the valve sensors.

Moving the tool closer to the sensors allows you to activate them and check their efficiency even if they are in stand-by mode. The tool’s own display reads out pressure, temperature and battery charge level (where available), as well as identification codes and all the other diagnostic information provided by the vehicle manufacturer. If the original valve is replaced by a universal model, the TPS can even program the new valve to assign it the same identification code as the old one and link it to the receiver or vehicle control unit.


p01224 0365The AXONE S with the TPS utility is the solution that lets you dialogue with a vehicle’s TPMS system and connect to its OBD socket to reprogram the tyre pressure control unit if necessary. In many vehicles, especially the latest models, the TPMS control unit has to be reprogrammed every time a tyre is changed, wheels are rotated, summer/winter tread types are switched or faulty sensors are replaced.

The AXONE S TPS is the best solution currently available and allows tyre fitters to perform all tyre-related operations and dialogue with the TPMS systems of all vehicle manufacturers. Simplicity is guaranteed by the Android operating system, which follows you step by step, and permits instant navigation through all menus. Among the many advantages of this great tool are its robust design and solid build and a superb 5 inch capacitive colour touch screen that clearly displays all available functions and data.

Thanks to its multi-utility design concept, you can extend the functionality of the AXONE S by installing the FAST-FIT and DIAGNOSIS utilities in addition to TPS. And other utilities are in the pipeline too!

prod g axonestps 02TPS KEY

The TPS Key is an extraordinarily technological tool that, using its USB port, can extend the functions of TEXA’s AXONE 4 and AXONE 4 Mini diagnostics tools, turning these into effective tyre pressure monitoring devices for complete, safe and simple TPMS operations.  The TPS Key is easy to install, using the USB port provided, while the TPMS Repair APP guides technicians through all the procedures, meaning TPMS operations have never been this simple.

For further information on TPMS or any other TEXA products contact TEXA on 01282 606787 or visit www.texa.co.uk

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