Three steps to success with ‘Time Assist’

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TechMan, the management system built by an independent garage, has added ‘Time Assist’ to its developing solution suite.

The first of three key benefits is that Time Assist delivers OEM vehicle repair times from 118 vehicle manufacturers, 126,726 vehicle models and 41,295,893 repair operations.

TechMan advise having this data available within the system improves job creation and quotation accuracy, in turn boosting efficiency and profitability potential right from the outset.

“Time Assist also has the capability to increase quote times by pre-set percentages around parameters such as age of vehicle, according to the requirements of the garage manager,” said Leo Freebairn, TechMan’s National Sales Manager.

This means for example that a garage with a low published hourly labour rate can raise revenues by increasing chargeable time allocated to certain jobs.

techman icme data lookup2The second big benefit is Time Assist brings over 3.3 million OEM part numbers with RRP prices to enable independents to benchmark and understand exactly where to pitch their prices whilst maximising margins against main dealers.

“We find replacement parts are quite often ‘under sold’ in the aftermarket by garages,” added Leo. “Garages will know what they paid from their factor but simply adding on a fixed percentage mark-up every time means opportunities are missed to charge more where the main dealer prices are particularly high.

“Time Assist makes identifying these opportunities much easier.”

Thirdly and finally, Time Assist boasts 137,000 digital manufacturer service schedules. This means reception and administrative staff are no longer dependent on 3rd party data systems. Instead they can load manufacturer service schedules and times, along with an electronic check sheet, straight onto the technician’s TechView tablet.

“Technicians can then take pictures, record advisories, set follow up dates and email customers,” said Leo. “The difference now is it’s techman icme data lookup2based upon the exact manufacturer schedule rather than a more generic check sheet.”

This seamless integration of manufacturer data saves administration time and boosts technician productivity, ensuring chargeable actions don’t get missed off customer invoices.

For more information, please contact TechMan, by telephoning 01604 666720 or find out more by visiting

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