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Periodically, perhaps twice a year DVSA hold so called Trade User Group or ‘TUG’ meetings attended not only by Senior Executives from Trade Bodies, but also others with a wider interest in the MOT Testing Scheme, including representatives from national ‘fast-fit’ MOT businesses as well a couple of owners of smaller Testing Stations.

The aim of the meetings is for DVSA to discuss with the MOT trade their plans for the future.

The meetings are very large with up to 20 or more people present including, usually about four DVSA staff directly involved in the issues being discussed.

The meetings are Chaired by Neil Barlow, Head of MOT Policy, and MOT Service Manager at the DVSA. By and large the meetings are a ‘show and tell’ process wherein DVSA have already decided what they intend to do, and, more often than not, how they intend to do it, and are looking for comment from those present as to the day-to-day practicalities.

Unfortunately, what the meetings do not do, is to ask the MOT Trade to comment on whether DVSA’s plans are appropriate in the first place; which is unfortunate, especially if those plans involve Testing Stations in increased costs – but with no counterpart increase in the MOT fee – which, say DVSA, is not for them but for the Department of Transport.

Nevertheless the meetings are helpful as a mechanism for a range of people from the MOT Trade with differing MOT interests and varying opinions about the MOT Scheme to meet with DVSA staff to air their views.

At the last meeting the key topic was a view into the future of he Scheme, with an emphasis on MOT quality, for which Neil Barlow put together the following slide presentation.

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