UK MOT Testing Guide (Handbook)

MOT Testing Guide Sixth Edition 2017

UK MOT Testing Guide

(Handbook for Scheme Administration)

Crown Copyright, sourced from DVSA July 2017

The MOT Test in Britain started in 1960, but is now regulated by the European Union through what is called a ‘Directive’. This sets out the minimum inspection requirements for MOT Testing throughout Europe, including Britain.

In practice though, some EU member countries decide to have a more stringent check.  For example, the minimum times required for an MOT by the EU is that the first MOT check must be by the time a vehicle is four years old, and at least two yearly thereafter (a 4-2-2 year regimen), but in Britain the first test must be by the time a vehicle is three years old, and then annually. Another example, whilst not needed by the EU, in Southern Ireland the exhaust system must undergo a noise check with a noise-meter during their MOT.

In Britain, whilst following the EU requirements, the way the MOT test has to be done is controlled and regulated by the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency. To this end they produce special instructions, which MOT Testers, and the owners of MOT Testing Stations must follow to legally carry out MOT Testing. For this there are two key documents – The MOT Testing Guide and the MOT Inspection Manual.

Whilst he ‘Guide’ covers everything to do with the administration of the MOT Test, whereas the Manual is about how different types of vehicle must be examined during an MOT Test.

The MOT Testing Guide

If you want to become a Tester, or to set up a Testing Station, what you need to do will be found in the Guide. It will also tell you how you will be expected to run the Testing Station, and as a Tester what will happen if you do not carry out an MOT Test correctly – a disciplinary code.

Other Manuals:

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