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One Box stop/start battery analysis and replacement

EBT One Box unlocks the potential

The solution to start/stop access

ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT), formerly Manbat, will be using the dual platforms provided by its stand in hall 20 and the event’s official workshop presentation area at Automechanika Birmingham, to publicise its all-in-one, start/stop battery analysis and replacement solution, ONE BOX.

“We have been consistently addressing the need for workshops to consider the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities provided by start/stop battery technology over the last four years,” explained John Bentley, EBT’s technical sales and training manager, “but there is still a surprisingly large number of workshops that have yet to grasp the issue and are therefore losing out on the potential it offers.”

“As a result of our national research, we now have an accurate indication of the extent of the problem, as it has revealed that typically only 57% of independent garages fit start/stop batteries,” added Senior Marketing Assistant, Laura Jones.“To discover that such a low percentage of workshops fit AGM and EFB batteries, points to either a lack of awareness or the assumption that fitting them is complicated and costly. However, with the correct equipment, there is a solution, which is why we have developed the ONE BOX package.

“By providing a combination of products, which together allow workshops currently turning work away that would typically be charged at more than £185, ONE BOX opens the way to access new business and increased profits through a straightforward and practical solution,” Bentley continues.

“As well as the equipment, which includes a battery analyser to assess the condition of the existing battery, a NOCO charger and OBD lead to support the vehicle’s ECU/data storage during the replacement process and a battery validation tool to ensure the new AGM/EFB battery is correctly assimilated into the battery management system, the package can be supported with signage and point-of-sale material to allow workshops to promote their start/stop replacement capability.

“On top of all this, we will also provide product training to enable technicians to get the very best from the equipment and provide their customers with the most professional service, which ensures the batteries are fitted correctly, thus improving customer satisfaction and reducing warranty claims”.

Automechanika Birmingham provides us with the ideal platform from which to launch the ONE BOX initiative and we shall be demonstrating both the obvious need for it in the marketplace and how it fulfils that need, on our stand – H154 –and from the event’s official Workshop Training Hub in hall 18, during the course of the show.”

For further details, please contact ECOBAT Battery Technologies on: 01743 218500 or visit: www.ecobat.tech

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