VOSA is no more – all hail the DVSA!

VOSA and DVLA merge to form DVSA


Since the Driving Standards Agency, the DSA, has now merged with the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA), effective from April 2014, a name change was inevitable. The combined agency is to be called the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA (don’t you love these acronyms!). Whilst the DfT issued a consultation earlier in the year asking people if they thought that some of the Transport agencies could be merged, the final decision to join VOSA to the DVSA was not consulted on.

VOSA and DVLA merge to form DVSAHopefully the grafting of the old DSA onto VOSA won’t disadvantage those involved in the MOT scheme, but nevertheless it might have been appropriate for the DfT to have at least consulted with the MOT Trade on the proposed merger instead of announcing it ‘out of the blue’ as a done deal.

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