Your Car’s typical MOT performance

MOT Performance by Vehicle Make and Model

Compare with all similar cars MOT Tested in 2020

If your car’s MOT is due, or if you’re considering buying a second hand car, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything in particular you should be paying attention to, what might a similar make and model, with the same engine and mileage, perform in the MOT.

Here you can see how a car of a particular make, model, fuel type, engine size and mileage performed* in the MOT Test, using data from last year’s MOT Testing Computer database.

To start, identify a vehicle profile as close as you can to the vehicle you’re interested in by filling in the boxes below (you can select a box and type the first few letters to jump to a selection).

Information about the selected vehicle’s MOT performance will be displayed after the mileage band is selected.

If there were failure items, click the blue button which will appear to view a table of the faults for that vehicle group, on the next page.

If no MOT failures are shown for your selection, or get a broader view, try selecting the next lower or higher mileage band and compare the pass/fail ratio.

This feature is NEW and unique on the web. Use the data from DVSA’s MOT Computer to determine the MOT performance of any car which had an MOT Test in 2020. It’s only available on the MOT TESTING website.
Target Vehicle Form

*This data is compiled using the DVSA MOT Computer Database. ‘Make’ and ‘Model’ information is presented as entered by MOT Testers onto the system, using the information available to them at the time of recording the MOT Test. Where possible, data entry anomalies such as spelling mistakes and keying errors have been corrected. Tests recorded with an indeterminate make or model, or mileage and engine sizes outside of normal parameters have been discarded in the interest of clarity and usefulness.

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